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I Read The Biggest Secret (by David Icke) So You Don't Have To [WORK IN PROGRESS]

I Read The Biggest Secret (by David Icke) So You Don't Have To

PLEASE NOTE: This is a work in progress!
CURRENT STATUS: 3/21 Chapters, 79/511 Pages
LAST UPDATED: 3 May 2020

I started to analyse David Icke's most famous book, The Biggest Secret, and then I suddenly realised I had made a mistake.

Icke's theories are undeniably fascinating. You come across many claims which blow your mind like WOW and then within a few minutes of researching, the majority fall flat dead. Everything he proposes is exaggerated, most of his facts are unfounded, and a surprising amount were complete fabrications. The man has taken existing ideas and then stretched them as far as he could, connecting to anything anywhere which serves his narrative, creating a package which he is now selling as some definitive truth. It's concerning.

What's more, his techniques are very transparent.
He will never offer any alternate solutions to his questions despite the immense amount of debates available. Everything is "aliens" without fail. It's some of the most bias work I've ever read.
He will introduce theories as theories with very rickety references, and then suddenly start referring to those same theories as facts as he moves onto the next theory, piling up a mountain of sourceless material.
He isolates then cherry-picks very small yet specific details from every civilisation he can to support his story, ignoring any other belief held by the culture.
He will make contradictory statements that cover all bases (aliens came from above and below; aliens were both good and bad etc) ensuring that every timeline and scripture can be manipulated to his mould.
And any text that disagrees? It's a cover-up.

The more I exposed this, the more I understood why his words have never been taken seriously. Sure, there's some appreciated education in here and the hypothetical story is wild af but the fact that people buy this stuff? It's an extremely sour taste. I grew discouraged because I had now committed myself to a project which was ultimately only going to waste a lot of my time. I had better things to do!

That's when I came up with a solution. Instead of ploughing through these 500 pages and carrying my frustration alone until I could dump it all out at the end, I have decided to reveal my analysis as it happens. For the first time, I will be writing an open article, revealing my work in progress! I will add to it as I go, offering my findings as I find them, allowing you to be part of the journey! This is better for the reader too because, as I quickly found out, Icke's work requires a lot of research. This is going to be a monster piece when it's done. It's easier for all of us in digestible bits.

I've read and heavily analysed the first two chapters (50 pages). You can read them below.

Feel free to pick holes in anything I say! If you point out an inaccuracy, I'll happily reevaluate and rectify. But please note that I am ONLY accepting responses with researched sources!!!!

Here's a list of predicted complaints from Icke-heads:
You can't trust any other source except Icke's sauce when it comes to THE TRUTH!
You'll only understand when you finish the book!
You'll need to read all of his subsequent books for it to make sense!
Your mind is not open enough!
You are a lizard!

The Martians have landed?

Some of these bloodlines can be named. The British House of Windsor is one of them, so are the Rothschilds, the European royalty and aristocracy, the Rockefellers, and the rest of the so-called Eastern Establishment of the United States which produces the American presidents, business leaders, bankers and administrators.

These are certain interbreeding bloodlines that have always controlled (and continue to) control the world. But what you need to know for now, is that the ancestors of these lines used to walk among us, giving us extra knowledge to build crazy stuff while we worshipped them as gods.

At Baalbek, north east of Beirut in the Lebanon, three massive chunks of stone, each weighing 800 tons, were moved at least a third of a mile and positioned high up in a wall. This was done thousands of years BC! Another block nearby weighs 1,000 tons - the weight of three jumbo jets. How was this possible? Official history does not wish to address such questions because of where it might lead.

I spent far too much time researching these claims and they are absolutely fascinating.
Nobody can agree how these monumental 750-ton stones were moved over miles of terrain but one thing Icke already seems inaccurate with his "thousands of years BC" dating. Most historians place the events around 15 BC with the construction of the Temple of Jupiter.
The "block nearby" is known as the “Stone of the Pregnant Woman” which weighed around 1,200 tons (often accurately noted to be the same as three Boeing 747s). What Icke conveniently didn't mention was that this stone weighed so much that whoever was trying to move it gave up, cut in place then abandoned before the project was done.

So how did they move these stones? According to Icke above, "Official history does not wish to address such questions because of where it might lead" but this is unfair of him to say as many solutions have been proposed.

Sure, aliens are one theory. A common one, in fact. But the difference is that other studies are not afraid to talk about what other options we have. For example, another theory (that more Biblical scholars lean towards) is the supposed-giants who have been documented to live during this time (which Icke believes are aliens anyway).
Meanwhile, others simply claim that it was the Romans who had devised pully contraptions to get the job done. This last one often seems so far-fetched that aliens may be the easiest answer! But as Ancient Aliens Debunked points out, around the same time (19BC) Herod the Great was building his own temple, imaginatively called Herod's Temple. Pieces of this temple still stand today, the heaviest of the stones weighing approximately 600 tons. This is less than those at Baalbek, true, but only by 100 tons. What's more, Herod's Roman methods of construction were well-documented, no aliens necessary. So... is 100-tons the difference between Roman capabilities and alien intervention? Maybe.

I spent a lot of time looking at this piece because it exposes a lot of Icke's strategy. Whenever there is some debate, any alternative solution is brushed aside in favour of the alien theory, calling the other suggestions "cover-ups" or "fear-driven" or even "stupidity". He then uses the theory to base his next theory on top of it, now using it as fact. It's a very fragile system of Jenga which requires the reader to simply accept it then move on, which I think most Icke readers tend to do. But if you take a moment to flick at the fundamentals, the stack plummets fairly quickly.

In Peru are the mysterious Nazca Lines. The ancients scored away the top surface of the land to reveal the white subsurface and through this method were created incredible depictions of animals, fish, insects and birds. Some of them are so large they can only be seen in their entirety from 1,000 feet in the air!

This is true and once again, so awesome.
So I guess the Incas were drawing pictures for the aliens? Perhaps! Another explanation could be pictures for the deities that this civilisation (like many civilisations) believed lived above them. Naturally, Icke believes these are all one and the same, which is fine.
There are plenty of other theories including maps of constellations and irrigation systems. They all have a similar amount of evidence.

When the word ‘God’ is used in the Old Testament it is often translated from a word that means gods, plural - Elohim and Adonai are two examples.

Icke is using these examples to indicate that multiple "Gods" existed back in the day who walked among men, certainly extraterrestrial of nature.
There is some truth to this grammar suggestion. Elohim can be used as both singular and plural. Adonai (my Lord) can be considered a "royal plural" as the singular use of the word does appear in the Hebrew Bible (adon/adoni) to address distinguished humans (also my lord). The truth is, Judaism has many names for God, most of which are singular and said to reflect different aspects of the almighty. Officially they believe there is only one God. Of course, this doesn't disprove anything Icke is proposing.

The most comprehensive accounts of an advanced race are contained in tens of thousands of clay tablets found in 1850 about 250 miles from Baghdad, Iraq, by an Englishman Sir Austen Henry Layard as he excavated the site of Nineveh, the capital of Assyria.

And thus begins the most important piece of information from this chapter. Almost everything Icke believes about the Chapter One aliens comes from these tablets.
The "Sumerian Texts or Tablets" exist in great numbers and have been dated to around 4500 BC. Written in Sumerian (the oldest known written language) many of these texts are yet to be translated and the ones that have are often under loud debate. Some of these writings appear to be keeping track of how many loaves of bread they traded. Some of them feature poetry suggested to have been passed down by generations before recording (the most famous of which is the Epic of Gilgamesh). And some talk about the creation of the Earth itself (such as the Enûma Eliš).
Information on these tablets were inconsistent but, much like any ancient civilization, the Sumerians personified their gods, many believing that deities named the Anunnaki used to walk among them, ruling the Earth, the humans as their slaves. These Anunnaki since relocated to the heavens but could be summoned to Earth using statues, instructing certain chosen holy men.
These stories are not very different from most religious beliefs (hey, Jesus!) and have often been hypothesised as the original basis of all religions, the text changed over the millennia but many details remaining same, like the longest game of Chinese whispers ever.

The most famous translator of these tablets is the scholar and author Zecharia Sitchin, who can read Sumerian, Aramaic, Hebrew and other Middle and Near Eastern languages. He has extensively researched and translated the Sumerian Tablets and has no doubt that they are describing extraterrestrials. Some researchers say that he used a later version of the Sumerian language to translate an earlier one and, therefore, some of his translations may not be 100% accurate. I think his themes are correct, indeed other accounts and evidence supports this, but I personally doubt some of the detail.

What's interesting here is that Icke is very careful to not give his full support to Zecharia Sitchin as an accurate Sumerian Tablet translator. This is clever because a little bit of research does paint Zecharia in a questionable light, his translations coming under heavy scrutiny while his scientific and astrological work accused of being speculative posed as factual. Reminds me of someone else, right? But what do they know, they're the manipulated mainstream, we must not trust them, we must only trust Icke and his sources!!

Regardless, Icke's disclaimer appears to mean nothing in the greater picture as he uses Sitchin as a reference 14 times in this chapter, a core piece on which this entire book is built.

Now I know it's easy to get excited and say "omg, this checks out, old tablets talking about "gods" living among them" but it is no different from The Bible stories. Was the Abrahamic God an alien? Sure could be! But don't think of this as new information or evidence of any kind. It is stories passed down where God/gods/aliens communicated to us directly. I am not so closed-minded to believe this was impossible. I am also not so closed-minded to believe that fiction writing hasn't been a staple of human existence since 4500 BC. Traditional fables to manipulate behaviour may be human nature. Santa Clause is a good example. Wait, was Santa an alien??

The Egyptian name for their gods, the Neteru, literally translates as Watchers and they said that their gods came in heavenly boats.

I added this because it sounded lovely. Heavenly boats is a beautiful concept, lending itself to many ideas including aliens.

The Tablets depict the solar system with the planets in their correct positions, orbits and relative sizes, and their accuracy has only been confirmed in the last 150 years since some of these planets have been found. The Tablets describe the nature and colour of Neptune and Uranus in ways that have only been confirmed in the last few years!

This is a bold claim which comes with no references. I am struggling to find anything to back this up, help? But one thing for certain is that the Babylon astronomers were next level, organizing the very first astrological system on which our Western astronomy was based on today.
One interesting bit of information I did find was a Sumerian tablet that currently sits in the British Museum in London. On here, Babylonians describe the exact methods of astrology where they tracked Jupiter over 60-days, measuring the shift of degrees the planet took each day, describing what's known as a trapezoid graph. This is incredible because this technique was thought to have been discovered in 14th-century Europe but these guys were doing it in 350BC! However, this doesn't exactly lend itself too well to the alien theory, does it? They showed their work. It was maths. But did someone teach them the maths? That's the question.

For instance, there was a sudden and so far unexplained upgrade of the human physical form around 200,000 years ago. Official science is silent on the cause of this and mutters terms like ‘the missing link’.

The idea that aliens are the missing link between apes and humans is nothing new. I've wrote about the topic myself in 2013 without any inspiration from Icke. There's plenty of debates for and against it. I see no reason as to why this isn't as possible as any other theory.

The story of Frankenstein, the man created in a laboratory, could be symbolic of these events. It was written by Mary Shelley, the wife of the famous poet. He and she were high initiates of the secret society network which has hoarded and suppressed this knowledge since ancient times.

This came out of nowhere! Such a sudden tangent that I was caught off guard like Icke was a mad man rambling his paranoia. I looked into it and I did find some evidence that Percy Shelley (the husband) tried and failed to perform necromancy on occasion, but nothing worthwhile has been noted anywhere reputable.

The Old Testament is a classic example of the religious recycling which has spawned all the religions. So when you are looking for the original meaning of Genesis and the story of Adam you have to go back to the Sumerian accounts to see how the story has been doctored. Genesis says that ‘God’ (the gods) created the first man, Adam, out of ‘dust from the ground’ and then used a rib of Adam to create Eve, the first woman. Zecharia Sitchin points out that the translation of ‘dust from the ground’ comes from the Hebrew word tit (sorry mother) and this itself is derived from the Sumerian term, TI.IT, which means ‘that which is with life’. Adam was not created from dust from the ground, but from that which is with life - living cells.

Lots to love here, especially the "sorry mother" quip.
The problem is that it feels like such a stretch, jumping from one point to another in an attempt to make a hazy connection. The parallels between the Adam Even story and Sumerian beliefs are widely reported on. A god named Enki eats 8 plants in paradise (like Eve eating the forbidden fruit) and she is punished. That's just about it.
The Sumerian word "ti" does mean both "rib" and "life". But any direct link between this story has never been proven despite many (many!) scholars efforts. They want to prove it!
And then Icke goes from "that which is with life" directly to "living cells" as if some sort of evidence towards alien interference. r-i-d-i-c-u-l-o-u-s.

In the 1980s, Douglas Wallace of Emory University in Georgia compared the DNA (the blueprint for physical life) of 800 women and concluded that it came from a single female ancestor.

Not exactly, but close. According to a NYTimes article, "Wallace also said evidence from the mitochondria DNA did not necessarily trace the human DNA to a single person, although it probably did suggest a small number of ancestors. He said the mutation rate of 2 to 4 percent every million years may be subject to some error."
There are other studies with similar findings. This is where the aliens made us, I guess. Although have we tried to do the same for all animals? Do all creatures perhaps trace back to a singular point? I mean, where else would it start if not... somewhere?

The unofficial study by the physicists has never been published, but let us consider the evidence for some of its claims.

Omg. Spot the problem here. How is this even allowed in any book ever?

Desborough says that the Earth’s closer proximity to the Sun demanded that the first Earth humans were the black races with the pigmentation to cope with the much fiercer rays of the Sun. [...]
Desborough says that Mars, then with a climate very much like ours, had a white race before the Venus cataclysm. His research has convinced him that the white Martians built the pyramids which have been recorded on Mars and they went to war with an advanced black race to conquer the Earth. These wars, he says, are the wars of the ‘gods’ described in endless ancient texts, not least the Hindu Vedas. Desborough adds that after the cataclysm, the white Martians who had settled on Earth were stranded here without their technology and with their home planet devastated. These white Martians, he says, became the white peoples of the Earth.

I slightly paraphrased for length's sake but now we're getting weird.
First of all, Brian Desborough is a sketchy resource that Icke uses freely here. Not only was he the topic in question for the quote above this one (the unofficial study), but he is also a friend of Icke's with verrry little presence anywhere which could validate anything he says. In fact, Brian Desborough is credited as a proofreader for this very book, so they're tight.
Regardless, these claims are insane with no basis in the slightest. White people come from Mars, do they? Oh, please do go on.
Even more troublesome is some of the phrasings here and elsewhere ("Desborough believes that these white Martians were the highly advanced race of the ancient world") that could lend itself to white supremacy. This might be where Icke's reputation as a racist comes from.
Also, check how he casually drops the "war of the gods" from the Vedas in here. Be a little more specific with your references, please.

Fascinatingly, some scientists claim that when white people are immersed in sensory deprivation tanks for long periods, their circadian rhythm has a frequency of 24 hours 40 minutes, which corresponds not to the rotational period of the Earth, but of Mars!

This is huge if true! And it even came with a citation number!
This led me to the title The Great Pyramid Mystery by... wait for it... Brian Desborough again! It's a chapter in his conspiracy book called They Cast No Shadows: A collection of essays on the Illuminati, revisionist history, and suppressed technologies. This book currently has 12 ratings on Goodreads and 8 ratings on Amazon. I couldn't find any qualifications for this guy either, besides that he once provided some consultation to "a company involved in deep space research".
It gets worse. Of the 35 sources that Icke provided for this chapter, 15 of them come from Desborough's book. If this isn't sinking in, allow me to spell it out for you:

42.86% of this chapter's ENTIRE research came from another unknown conspiracy book written by Icke's friend who has no discernible qualifications in anything.

Did Icke... did Icke think no one would check this out? What the actual fuck??

Regardless, I did try to find anyone anywhere with anything at all that might indicate the original claim racial circadian rhythm differences might have some truth to it. I couldn't.

I think there is truth in all the views summarised in this chapter of the cataclysmic upheavals the Earth has suffered in the period between 11,000 and 1,500 BC. The first one ended the Golden Age and obliterated the high-tech civilisations that had existed before then. The extraterrestrial races either left the planet beforehand or survived at high altitudes or by going deep within the Earth. The same with the later cataclysm. Many of the extraterrestrials, and most Earth humans, did not survive these events. Those that did were left with the job of starting all over again without, at least at first, the technology available before. The survivors fell into two main categories, those of mostly extraterrestrial origin who retained the advanced knowledge, and humans, the slave race in general, who did not. The former also fell into two camps. There were those who wished to use their knowledge positively and communicate their information to humanity, and those who sought to hoard the knowledge and use it to manipulate and control. The struggle between those two groups over the use of the same knowledge continues to this very day. As societies recovered from those upheavals of 11,000 BC, the other cataclysms brought more devastation over the thousands of years that followed and humanity was faced with many new beginnings.

This is long but a basic summary of the whole chapter, so it's worthwhile. Please note that while Icke refers to these as "views" you have to accept this paragraph as truth if you want the following chapters to work. It's based on literally nothing. I worry for people who believe this, man. I really do.

One common theme throughout, however, has been the manipulation of humanity by an intellectually, though not spiritually, advanced race or races of extraterrestrial origin. On that subject, I must now introduce an added dimension to this story which will stretch your credulity to breaking point.

And thus ends the first chapter, "God" helps us all.

“Don’t mention the reptiles”

Firstly, what a great name for a chapter! It's these little humourous remarks which make Icke so much more likeable especially in the self-awareness of his reputation.
Still, I must say this chapter was a letdown. I was super excited to hear how he's managed to convince his groupies of such a far-out theory and even more excited to see if he could do the same to me. Unfortunately, it fell short and was what I predicted. Everything is based on some drawings or some historic text or some third party account which loosely mentions some variation of cold-blooded creatures, all stitched together and then leapt forward to connect to a bloodline controlling our lovely planet.

It all makes me wonder... what if human civilisation ended now and we were discovered by another race thousands of years in the future? Does our literature and illustrations and statues accurately reflect where we are at? What we believe? What about our fiction and films and general art? What if the future races manage to log onto the internet? Do memes tell a true tale? They'd probably think we worship cats! Which is only half true!

Anyways, this is the money shot, make up your own mind. Here are the pieces I've extracted as of some sort of a higher interest:

The modern accounts of reptilians match the descriptions of many ‘gods’ of the ancient world in the surviving texts and legends.

An extensive list has been provided here. Probably the most fascinating is that of the Ubaid culture from prehistoric Mesopotamia (6500–3800 BC). Figurines have been found which clearly show a humanoid creature with a lizard head cradling a baby. Very few mainstream explanations exist for this, and there are plenty of alien theories about their appearance. It's eerie!

That said, this is the only reasonable example put forward and obviously the singular basis for many of Icke's theories. A little clay lizardman. Beyond this, he has isolated various other ancient cultures with serpent Gods but completely ignored other elements which could be used in completely different ways.

A particularly good one is that of the Nāgas, deities noted by Hinduism (and its Buddhism offshoot) as divine serpent entities that can take human form. Pretty spot on! But keep in mind that there are 330 million deities in Hinduism so if a reptile didn't exist, that would be weirder? What's more, the Nāgas aren't even very high up on their list of importance. A much more recognisable diety would be that of Ganesha, for example, known for his elephant head. Where did that come from? Elephant aliens?
Aztec's had Quetzalcoatl "a feathered serpent" but they also had hundreds of other deities in their canon.
Similarly, Hopi mythology has their own Quetzacoatl named Pahana (which Icke named as Baholinkonga for some reason? After some brief research, it seems only conspiracy theorists call it by that name?). This is a small deity in their list of deities and much more popular creatures include a Spider Woman, a Skeleton Man, and a coyote.
The Egyptians have Kneph which is often a ram but also a serpent surrounding eggs. Then again, Egyptian texts mention over 1,500 deities, including a falcon (Horus), a lioness (Sekhmet) and a hippopotamus (Taweret). Once again, Kneph is very small in their timeline, so why aren't we asking about these other much more predominant creatures? Who do they represent?

There are plenty of even lesser-known examples given (Agathodemon for Phoenicians; Damballah Wedo for voodoo; Ophiolatreia for ancient Britain) but I think I made my point. A plethora of animals have been represented in religious texts, often in terms of symbols. The snake is commonly used throughout history as a representative for danger (as they were a big threat to human life in many areas) or renewal (as their ability to shed their skin). Once again, if reptiles weren't represented it would be waaaay more surprising, because every species has been used in one way or another.

Studies have suggested that had the dinosaurs not been wiped out by yet another cataclysm about 65 million years ago, they would have evolved into a reptile humanoid by now.

Icke provided a reference to this which led to another reptilian conspiracy theory website called Reptoids. This led me to a "thought experiment" (not a study and certainly not "studies" plural) by geologist/palaeontologist, Dale Russell. He came up with the Dinosauroid, a hypothetical path of evolution if the dinosaurs (more specifically, the Stenonychosaurus) had not gone extinct. His model did look strikingly humanoid, which was a big part of the reason why it was met with much criticism.
Still, Icke's research checks out, even if it doesn't actually mean anything if you think about it. Pretty difficult to find any evidence that dinosaurs weren't wiped out.

Who is to say that this evolutionary leap from classic dinosaurs to reptilian humanoids did not happen in another dimension or on another physical planet and perhaps on Earth before the dinosaurs were eliminated?

Yes, but who is to say it did? You?

And while the bodies of most dinosaurs might have been destroyed, their consciousness would have survived because consciousness is energy and energy is indestructible. It can only be transmuted into a different form.

I wholeheartedly subscribe to this concept but it's far from a provable fact that consciousness works this way.

There is an unmistakable resemblance between some dinosaurs and ancient depictions of dragons.

This is undeniably true but can actually work against Icke. Some historians believe that the dragon legend comes from the discovery of dinosaur bones, not some reptilian overlord being represented in folklore like Icke would have you believe. Although, maybe, right?

There are three suggested origins for the Anunnaki reptilian intervention in human affairs: 1 They are extraterrestrials; 2 They are ‘inner’ terrestrials who live within the Earth; 3 They manipulate humanity from another dimension by ‘possessing’ human bodies. I think they are all true.

This is important for two reasons.
(1) It introduces the main theories of how these reptiles came to their position; and
(2) It is a fantastic example of how much of a sly bastard Icke is.

There are multiple occasions throughout Icke's teachings where he manages to cover all bases at once, no matter how contradictory they may seem. Even crazier is how none of his followers seem to pick up on this sneaky manoeuvre.
Look at the above statement and analyse points 1 (extraterrestrials) and 2 (‘inner’ terrestrials). Icke shamelessly states that he thinks "they are all true". This now grants him permission to use any ancient belief which talks about gods that come from above or below. Either which way he can tie it to his narrative. I'm sorry but what doesn't apply to this criteria?

He performed the same trick during his famed COVID-19/5G interview with London Real. China's quick release from isolation was used as evidence towards Corona being a hoax. Meanwhile, an increase in global lockdown proved that this was a government conspiracy to remove freedoms. Whether release or isolation, his theory becomes true! Manipulative man.

[As part of the extraterrestrial theory]
Researchers into the reptilian phenomenon conclude that at least some originate in the Draco star constellation.

Sounds about right. Draco being the Latin for dragon, the whole thing fits together sweetly.
He also earns additional respect a bit later when he talks about the theory that Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia lines up with the constellation but also mentions how many studies question those findings. Good work!
Icke also points out that the Egyptian Pyramids were geometrically aligned so that the constellation (or, more importantly, the Thuban star) would be visible to them at night. My research agrees.

Side history: in both Greek and Greco-Roman mythology, this mythical constellation Draco creature was killed, which doesn't slot into the reptilian timeline very well? Meanwhile, Arabic astronomy replaces the dragon for two hyenas attacking a baby camel.

[As part of the extraterrestrial theory]
Rhodes says that after the reptilians invade a planet from space and from their underground bases, the surface population quickly surrender to superior weaponry. Then the reptilians strip the planet of its resources like water, minerals and DNA information.

Cool plot summary here. John Rhodes is the same resource from earlier, He doesn't have any formal qualifications. An independent study of the lizard theory is basically his life. A lot of circle-jerking happens in this community, it seems. I'll source you if you source me!

[As part of the ‘inner’ terrestrial theory]
In 1909 a subterranean city which was built with the precision of the Great Pyramid was found by G.E. Kincaid near the Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was big enough to accommodate 50,000 people and mummified bodies found on the site were oriental or possibly Egyptian origin, according to the expedition leader Professor S. A. Jordan. Numerous artefacts were found, including copper implements as hard as steel. The Smithsonian Institution in Washington DC has ensured these finds remain unknown to the public (that’s its job!) and no-one would have known about this discovery had it not been for two articles in a local newspaper, the Arizona Gazette, in April 1909

That Arizona Gazette article definitely exists but the story surrounding this claim is very hazy. The author was anonymous while both sources cited (G.E. Kincaid and Professor S. A. Jordan) have never been identified with no records of their existence anywhere. Rumours offer many theories: the paper ran a hoax to sell more copies, it was a delayed April Fools joke, or... of course, it was a big fat cover-up. I do not know so I will not say. It's a suspicious one, for sure.

[As part of the ‘inner’ terrestrial theory]
According to their legends, the Hopi once lived within the Earth and were fed and clothed by ‘ant people’, possibly the extraterrestrials known as the Greys. The Hopi refer to their ancestors as their ‘snake brothers’ and their most sacred of underground rituals is the snake dance. [...] The Hopi say that one day under the orders of their goddess, Spider Woman, they ascended to the surface of the Earth and emerged through their cave they called the Sipapuni. Once on the outside, the Hopi say, a mocking bird arrived to confuse their language and make different tribes speak different tongues. This is such a repeat of the biblical story of the Tower of Babel that a connection is obvious. To this day the Hopi will not recreate the images of their snake ancestors for fear of death.

This is a lot of information that really doesn't feed into the bigger picture quite as Icke intends it to.
Ant people? Spider Woman? A magical mocking bird? At what point are we meant to take legendary reptiles at face-value and yet dismiss other creature references as folklore? Or are these all aliens? Based on fucking what??
Regardless, the Hopi do have a lot of respect for snakes, even performing a snake ceremony (complete with the aforementioned snake dance with snakes in their mouths!) to bring about rainfall.
The Tower of Babel connection is fun but I'm unsure of the relevance.

[As part of the ‘inner’ terrestrial theory]
There is a widespread belief among UFO researchers that there are reptilian underground bases where they work with their reptile-human crossbreed elite and I have spoken to former CIA employees who confirm this. A reptilian race definitely live within this planet in a physical form and the only question is whether they are native to the Earth or if they originate elsewhere? Again it is probably both, a mixture of the two.

"a mixture of the two" cover all bases, Icke.
"I have spoken to former CIA employees who confirm this" once again, Icke is his own reference.
Also, please note that a "reptilian race definitely live within this planet in a physical form". Definitely?? Really??? So we've all arrived at that conclusion now. It's no longer a theory, this is a definite. So is everyone ok with that?

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
But as my research continues, it is clear that the fourth dimensional reptilian controllers are themselves controlled by fifth dimensional entities.

Omg, so obvious! So simple!

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
The ‘station’ from which the reptilians operate is the lower level of the fourth dimension, the one closest to this physical world. Other people know this as the lower astral dimension, the legendary home of demons and malevolent entities going back to antiquity. It is from here that today’s Satanists summon their demonic entities in their black magic rituals. They are actually summoning the reptilians of the lower fourth dimension.

Just a quick catchup: Icke describes dimensions like radio signals. Many exist but you can only experience the one you're currently tuned into. We are tuned into the third dimension. Reptilians are running their game from the fourth.
I find this all quite funny. Obviously, it's a fantastic theory, one which has been discussed at great length by physicists and mathematicians since the 1700s but who knew it was here that Satanists drew their dark powers? I need to make a phone call!
Do I disbelieve this? No. But do I believe it? How could I? Who is believing this?? Based on what?? Icke???

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
I am identifying a particular group of them, not the whole species - I cannot emphasise this enough. This controlling group came here from the Draco constellation and elsewhere, and this is the origin of terms like draconian, a word which sums up their attitudes and agenda. They love to consume human blood and they are the blood-sucking demons of legend.

Did you notice what he does here? Not all reptilians are bad? Can you tell why?
It's that classic Icke move again. By ensuring that reptilians can be both a positive influence and a negative influence on humans, he can now cover literally every single mention of serpent iconography throughout any culture's beliefs. Whether texts worship the snake as an ally or fear the serpent as a slavemaster, they fit Icke's narrative. Clever, huh?

And then it's like BAM! They suck blood! Wait... why??? Where did that come from????

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
The vampire stories are symbolic of this and what is the name of the most famous vampire? Count Dracula! The ‘Count’ symbolises the aristocratic reptile-human crossbreed bloodlines which the reptilians possess from the lower fourth dimension and Dracula is an obvious reference again to Draco.

This is surprisingly close. Dracula was named after and based on Vlad "the Impaler" Dracula, a Romanian ruler from the 1400s. Although my sources aren't fantastic, there are reports that this man used to dip his bread in the blood of his enemies and, even if he didn't, Romanian folklore provided enough blood-sucking vampires for Bram Stoker's fictional inspiration.
And, yes, Dracula does mean (the son of) dragon, a title bestowed upon Vlad when he joined the Order of the Dragon group for selected nobility. Still unsure where the reptilians sucking blood thing comes from though, was that it?

UPDATE: In Chapter 3, Icke does elaborate on this information by saying "According to Gardner, the name Dracula means ‘Son of Dracul’ and was inspired by Prince Vlad III of Transylvania-Wallachia, a Chancellor of the Court of the Dragon in the 15th century. The prince’s father was called Dracul within the Court. Dracul = Draco."

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
And, according to the neuroanatomist, Paul MacLean, this ancient area of the brain is driven by another prehistoric segment which some neuroanatomists call the Rcomplex. R is short for reptilian because we share this with reptiles. MacLean says that this R-complex plays an important role in “aggressive behaviour, territoriality, ritualism and establishment of social hierarchies” This is precisely the behaviour patterns of reptilians and their reptile-human hybrids as exposed in this book.

This actually checks out even though the wording is very misleading.
It's referring to the basal ganglia cerebral system which is in control of many human functions, including emotions, which covers Icke's examples. Paul D. MacLean came up with the theory that each brain is actually three brains in one, and one of those brains was the basal ganglia. He named it the reptilian complex because he believed that small animals (such as reptiles) were dominated by that part of the brain. The theory has been deemed useful due to its simplicity but this simplicity has also led to some opposition.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
The number of life forms in this galaxy alone is beyond imagination and that’s only at the threedimensional level of existence. If we judge possibility, as we do, only by what we see on one little planet in one little solar system, our range of perception, imagination and vision will be so microscopic that an understanding of what is really happening to this world will be impossible. To that level of thinking the idea that a reptile race is controlling the planet from another dimension will be so far out as to be incomprehensible.

I disagree.
The idea of lizards ruling the world is fully comprehensible but highly unimaginative. In a universe of infinite possibility, a recognisable earthly creature has not only taken over but is also very humanoid in appearance? That took zero creativity, it's dull.
I find the certainty of the specifics less comprehensible. The fact that people have read this far in the book and have accepted the provided "evidence" as some sort of a fact is where I am in disbelief.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
Most researches still dismiss the whole idea, but evidence is going to overwhelm them in the next few years.

Originally written in 1998, we're still waiting.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
Then there are the experiences of Cathy O’Brien, the mind controlled slave of the United States government for more than 25 years, which she details in her astonishing book, Trance Formation Of America, written with Mark Phillips.

Cathy O’Brien is referenced quite heavily as a massive source over the next while and it's easy to see why.
According to the lady herself, she was s victim of the government mind control program known as Project Monarch. For most of her life, she was sexually abused by many high profile figures (such as Bill Clinton, Hilary Clinton and George H. W. Bush) as part of satanic groups and paedophile rings. It's a harrowing tale no matter the validity.
Icke has latched onto this story due to a part where Bush's face transforms into a lizard in front of her eyes. Cathy believes that this was a hologram created by George Lucas but Icke is less convinced, using this as evidence to support his reptile theory. I don't blame him.
The issue is how much we can trust O’Brien's account and I'm not the one to make that call. Many have dismissed her for lack of evidence as well as highlighting inconsistencies in her accounts. She has also been diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder which doesn't always help her case. It also seems unlikely to me that someone telling a story this damning could get away with it if there was any truth to it. Kinda like this Secret book itself, actually.
At the same time, if we give her the benefit of the doubt, then the reactions still make sense. Of course it would be unprovable. A cover-up on this scale would be immediate and perfect. I just hope she's ok. Apparently the book is a decent read.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
I know other people who have seen Bush shape-shift into a reptilian.

Oh, is it. Do you now.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
The reptilians come from the lower fourth dimension and merely use physical bodies as their vehicles to manipulate this one. It makes sense, therefore, that if you can tune your mind to their true dimension you will see them as they really are.

"It makes sense".

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
Hunter S. Thompson in his book, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas, describes seeing reptiles while in a drugged condition and a guy I met in the United States (in those 15 days I mentioned earlier) told me a similar story.

Omg, seriously?? This section even had a source number which repeats Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas as a reference, ughhh. I could write a very interesting book on stories I've heard from people on drugs.

That said, it's worth mentioning that in 2015 at Secret Garden Party Festival in the UK, I took acid and drank a lot of whiskey. At some point, my vision disappeared and all I could see was what looked like an ID card of a Chinese man whose face kept shifting to a lizard and back again, over and over and over. It was such a bad trip, complete panic mode, not sure what that means though hehehe *nervous laughter*.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
This psychic lady said that most of the people in positions of power appeared to be reptiles, but there were others who were still human and these people, she said, were “overshadowed and controlled” by a reptile, but they weren’t actually reptiles.

Please note his reference here is "this psychic lady".

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
Our bodies are also the result of sound resonating energy into form and if our minds are powerful enough to change the sound range of the body, it moves into another form or disappears from this dimension altogether. This is what is called shape-shifting. It is not a miracle, it is science, the natural laws of creation.

To be honest, the shape-shifting element is fine with me, I accept it on a theoretical basis although I doubt anyone can find any reputable evidence of it being done.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
After the first draft of this chapter was completed I met another woman, this time in England, who had been married to a man involved in Satanic ritual and the Brotherhood networks. He was head keeper of an area of land called Burnham Beeches near the Buckinghamshire-Berkshire border a few miles from Slough, west of London. This is an ancient site mentioned in the Domesday Book at the time of William the Conqueror in the 11th century and it has a reputation for Satanism.

Omg, the Domesday Book!!!! Wait, what's the Domesday Book? Turns out, it's the "oldest surviving public record of landholding and resources in late 11th century". It's got nothing to do with Satanism but it sure sounds like it, right?
I can't find any evidence predating Icke about his dark claims here but whatever, I'm super keen to check this place out! Let's gooo!

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
The word Zulu means People from the Stars because they believe they are a royal race that originates beyond this planet.

I couldn't find this exact translation but South African History Online claims that "Zulu" means "sky". One could argue these two translations aren't too far off.

I would like to point out, however, that most religions have looked to the stars/planets/sun/sky as the "heavens". Icke is adamant this is because of aliens but there are so many other paths of thought to explore. The rain and the sunshine, the days and the nights, the different seasons were all considered supernatural sky forces (and still should be!) as they kept the people (and their crops) alive. This could easily be the stronger case hence why I dislike how Icke has scooped up these wonderful observations and slapped his reptilian sticker over them. I'm not saying he's wrong, I'm saying he's wrong to not include the debate.

I recently spent many months studying the religion of Thelema and their holy scripture (The Book of the Law) states "Every man and every woman is a star" on the third line. This has many interpretations and aliens could be one, but it reminded me that this statement has a scientifically proven alternative. As I said in that review "We are made of stardust. Every planet is a result of stars dying then exploding into rocks, ultimately evolving into the life we see now". Perhaps the otherworldly knowledge of the ancients was simply that? Just a thought.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
As I sat down a movie was just starting, it was called The Arrival and was about a reptile-like extraterrestrial race which had taken over the planet by operating through human bodies and appearing to be human. Someone was trying to tell me something! And that something is the truth.

If there was a definitive moment where I lost all interest in Icke, this may have been it. Imagine you used this reference in a primary school paper? In what realm of research is this ok?

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
Gargoyles are symbols of the reptilians and that is why you will find them at Denver Airport.

I wrote a little bit about Denver Airport once for an article called the 15 Craziest Conspiracy Theories Of All Time. It truly is an interesting place full of questionable imagery as many have noted before.
As for Gargoyles being the symbols of the reptilians, it does seem a lot of early sculptures were based on dragons, so at least the evidence isn't completely contradictory.

[As part of the interdimensional theory]
There are at least seven levels underground at Dulce, probably more, and Bishop has compiled accounts of workers there who have described what they have seen.

Dulce Base is a common UFOlogy site in conspiracy theory timelines, never proven to exist according to MAINSTREAM MEDIA. It's said to be a jointly-operated human and alien facility around the Colorado-New Mexico border. Somebody somewhere has written reports either as or pretending to be a worker from the place, detailing the company from the inside. Icke quotes these texts verbatim and they are really dark, definitely worth the read, I'd like to write some myself one day.
Check out the full piece on Sacred-Texts.

The winged Draco are also known as the Dragon Race and some of the ancient gods were described and depicted as birdmen. This could be one of the origins of the Phoenix and eagle in Brotherhood symbolism, as well as the more esoteric meanings.

This stretching to breaking point, even for Icke. He's now claimed that, because reptilians are like dragons and dragons have wings, we can now include all mention of bird symbology through history as being directly related to his theory too. This is fucking insane.

What is without question is that the white race, whatever its origin, has been the main vehicle of the Anunnaki crossbreeding programme for the takeover of Planet Earth.

Without question? Really? I have some questions.

A particular centre for the Anunnaki reptilians would seem to have been the Caucasus Mountains and this is an area that will appear again and again in this story. I feel there was a major breeding programme in this region, probably underground, which produced a very large number of hybrid reptile-human crossbreeds. One area of research that is highly relevant to this region are the number of people with Rh negative or rhesus negative blood. Often rhesus negative babies turn blue immediately after birth. This is the origin of the term ‘blue bloods’ for royal bloodlines and other terms like ‘true blue’. It is speculated that the ‘blue’ bloodlines could be of Martian decent and from wherever the Martian bloodlines came from before that

This dragged me down an incredibly fascinating rabbit hole which I enjoyed thoroughly!

I'll leave Caucasus Mountains now as more information is coming from Icke, but the bloodlines were worth the time.

The Rh blood group system is a measurement of proteins. If your blood type has the word "positive" in it, then you're part of the (USA/European) 85% who have it. If your blood type states "negative", then you are part of the 15% who do not. I'm one of the special negatives, btw. Type O Negative, just like the band.
Rh is named after blood found in rhesus monkeys. This is a big win for Icke's theory as it indicates that 85% of humans are more monkey descendants whereas 15% of us... aren't. What's more, it's also true that the European Royal families are predominantly Rh-negative.

Blue Baby Syndrome (infant methemoglobinemia) occurs when there is a lack of haemoglobin in the child's blood. This results in starvation of oxygen, and the baby turns blue. Nitrate-contaminated water is the highest cause of this but it can be the result of various heart conditions.
Now here is where it gets interesting: when a pregnant Rh-negative mother is carrying an Rh-positive child (a common occurrence) her immune system identifies the baby as a foreign body and attacks its cells which can result in a blue birth. One small sterilized solution gets rid of the problem but it's still pretty weird, right?
I came across a few sources (because I actively searched for them, granted) which claim that this never happens in nature and has only ever been noted elsewhere during the crossbreeding of horses and donkeys. So it's almost as if humans are crossbreeding with themselves. Which is impossible... unless... there was some outside interference with our DNA?
It's a delicious push for the theory of alien intervention even if the reptile connection is a bit far off. Green blood would have been way more convincing!

Speaking of which, I can find no outside evidence to back up the "blue blood" statement. It seems a more common theory was that of a pale skin (and therefore strong visibly blue veins) was considered a sign of nobility because it meant you didn't partake in manual labour and never saw the sun. I'd actually heard that one before.

What is clear is that while the Annunaki interbred with many Earth races, the white race has been their main vehicle for taking over the planet and the ‘royal’ Draco at the top of their hierarchy are albino white.

Due to the abundant reports of Icke's racism, I feel it's important to note any such remarks for later studies. As it stands, I haven't found anything too incriminating.

“When men began to increase in number on the earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw that the daughters of men were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose... The Nefilim were on the earth in those days - and also afterwards - when the sons of God went to the daughters of men and had children by them. They were the heroes of old, men of renown.”
Genesis 6:1-4

Icke uses this Christian verse as evidence for otherworldly beings breeding with humans.
I'm unsure which Bible version he is using, it almost seems that he's mix-and-matching?
Regardless, the most popular Bible version (King James) uses the word "giants" instead of "Nefilim". Other scholars argue that the words "Nefilim/Nephilim" are Hebrew for "fallen", generally considered to be angels but is obviously Icke's preferred solution. Others simply accept the common Nefilim translation "sons of gods" to mean descendants of Seth and Cain, muddying up their holy bloodline.

Also note the line "the Nefilim were on the earth in those days". It sounds pretty damning but it is just as standard (especially in older versions) to find the line to read "there were [Nefilim] in the earth in those days" which sounds closer to earthly mythology rather than visiting entities.

Furthermore, please let it be known that the KJV uses the line "the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men" which is way hotter.

Seriously though, as someone who has read The Bible, it says way crazier stuff to worry about than that.

The Ethiopian text, the Kebra Nagast (Nagas were Indian shape-shifting ‘serpent gods’), is thousands of years old, and it refers to the enormous size of the babies produced from the sexual or genetic unions of humans and the ‘gods’.

We discussed the Nāgas before, confirming them as serpent gods albeit quite insignificant in the Hindu timeline. Naga is Sanskrit for “serpent”.
The problem comes that the "Naga" in "Kebra Nagast" is utterly unrelated. This Ethiopian book was originally written in Coptic and the title is Ethiopic for “the Glory of Kings”. We can't start pretending similar words in different languages mean the same thing. It doesn't work that way and only erodes at Icke's credibility.
However, the part about angels having giant babies with humans is in the book as promised.

Even the British title of Sir, conferred by the Queen on her selected subjects, comes from an ancient snake-goddess (reptilian) called Sir, which relates to the Anunnaki goddess, Ninlil or Ninkharsag, in the Sumerian tablets.

Why even try this shit? "Sir" comes from "sire" which comes from the Latin "senior" which means older.

These bloodlines also have the ability to produce an extremely powerful hypnotic stare, just like a snake hypnotising its prey, and this is the origin of the term ‘giving someone the evil eye’.

Lines like this are so frustrating to me. It's such a stretch of ideas to connect to something that proves nothing. There is no scientific evidence that snakes hypnotise their prey. There are plenty of "evil eyes" throughout cultures but seeing as Icke has already claimed rights to every single ancient timeline ever, he'd once again swear this was alien references. Of course, you will struggle to find the idiom relating to a serpent anywhere reputable.
What I did find is where Brazilian cultures consider the "evil eye" (or the mal-olhado) to be a curse. They have various amulets to protect against such things, one of which is the sansevieria trifasciata, also known as... the snake plant! Holy crap sticks, someone call Icke right now!!

It appears from my research that there are different reptilian factions: those who are more positive in their attitude to humanity and those who wish to dominate and control.

Oh hey, just a reminder of this duality trick of Icke's, the one where no matter whether a culture loved or feared snakes/dragons/iguanas/frogs/tortoises, his theory can gobble it up as one and the same. No matter what historical texts say about any reptile, Icke's madness can apply. Am I the only one noticing this?

The Book of Enoch was banned by the Roman Church which sought to deny the earlier Christian belief in the existence of flesh and blood angels and fallen angels occupying physical bodies and interbreeding with humans.

"Banned" is a very misleading word, I can find no evidence of any banning. It was always available to be read.
However, the Book of Enoch was excluded from various Bibles, which isn't as uncommon as you think. I've seen upwards of 70 books said to be removed in different fashions throughout denominations, at least 19 of which are not in any Bible anywhere (see this fun table).
The Book of Enoch does appear in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church and Eritrean Orthodox Tewahedo Church too.
Why it has been omitted from others is anyone's guess but Icke's report on the content is accurate. The Watchers (angels) fathered the Nephilim by having sex with humans. I'm unsure if this is the exact reason why it is not featured in most Bible canons but, as many have noted (including Icke), similar teachings were put forward in Genesis 6:1-4 anyway.

The Babylonian Brotherhood

This chapter deals with the earthly migration of the alien Martian Aryan race after the Great Flood. Icke uses this time to bombard the reader with an immense amount of rapid data, point after point, idea after idea, theory after theory to such a detailed degree that researching every line would be an insane undertaking. I won't do it, it's unreasonable to ask.
Actually, to be fair, I'm probably not the best person for this job in the first place as geography was never my favourite subject in school. This also feels like I'm fighting a losing battle, as, by this part of the book, Icke has already accepted every previous chapter as fact, the once interesting hypotheticals now the foundations to run off in whatever direction, and I only have so much energy to tackle these distortions. As a result, I will avoid repeating myself and only highlight what I consider to be new information as my previous analyses have already laboured against much of this battle.

I do have one question though: if aliens came from space, what technology did they use to get here? Could they not have used those very same mechanics to travel across the globe rather than on foot or boats or other such primitive modes of transport? Hey, now that we're asking questions, where are the spaceships? Apparently we have old stone tablets from this period, so where'd the machines go? Even the documentation of these machines would be a reasonable request, right? I'm sure David has all the answers. What reason do we have to doubt the man?

As the flood waters receded after the Venus cataclysm the survivors came down from the mountains and up from within the Earth.

I don't have the space to call out Icke every time he does this, but I will do so occasionally to reinforce one of his trickster techniques.
In Chapter One, Icke introduces the Venus theory which states that the planet was once part of Jupiter, coming into its own after a collision then orbiting Earth before finding its place in the solar system. This gravitational act caused great floods on Earth, which plenty of cultures speak of yet many scientists question (including Leonardo da Vinci who, according to Icke, was a big member of the Brotherhood, meaning a conflict of interest there).
When this book initially speaks of this Venus theory, he informs us that his friend Brian Desborough told him about it. Desborough claims he heard it from an unpublished study written by a group of unnamed physicists which is a long path but that's fine because it's a great theory.
The problem comes now, where this is suddenly no longer a theory but an imperative basis for the entire story Icke has created here. What was once proposed as a "could be!" quickly becomes a fact to move in the direction the author needs to continue his grand design. He does this a lot and it's difficult to read onward when the bridges have such fabricated foundations. But what can I do at this point? Nothing. I read on anyway.

The founder of Babylon according to ancient texts and legend was Nimrod who reigned with his wife, Queen Semiramis. Nimrod was described as a ‘mighty tyrant’ and one of the ‘giants’.

This chapter starts with Babylon, the capital city of Babylonia from ancient Mesopotamia, now in Iraq. Nimrod was the Biblical king of this land, most notably as a God-defying man who ordered the construction of the Tower of Babel to reach the Heavens. Icke brings up this tower a lot. I'm unsure why he does so, but I'm guessing it's to illustrate how all legendary tales come from the same source, as he connects this Bible story to another tale from Hopi origins. I noted that during my Chapter 2 analysis.

It should come as no surprise that Icke believes Nimrod existed and was of alien origin. However, as it stands, there is a tremendous debate in historian circles whether this figure was real or not. Many consider him to be an amalgamation of various figures who "ruled after the flood". There are certainly ways to look at this which don't entirely negate Icke's position.

Nimrod and Semiramis have remained the key deities of the Brotherhood to this day under many different names and symbols. Nimrod was symbolised as a fish and Queen Semiramis as a fish and a dove. Semiramis is likely to be symbolic of Ninkharsag, the creator of the reptile-human crossbreeds. Nimrod was the fish-god Dagon who was depicted as half man, half fish. It is possible that this was symbolic of him being half human, half scaled reptile.

While sources aren't all clear or trustworthy, there is an abundance of studies which link Dagon and Nimrod as the same person. Dagon is also clearly noted as a "fish-god", a merman-type of diety seen both in ancient Mesopotamian scripture and the Hebrew Bible. I'm surprised that Icke didn't try to connect the name Dagon to "dragon" as evidence of a reptilian symbol but that wouldn't work anyway, as Dagon/Dagan is Hebrew for both "Be Cut Open" and "grain". Still, I did find that drákōn in Ancient Greek (δράκων) means "serpent, giant seafish" so we are getting some lose unified ideas here.
Regardless, my main gripe with all of this is by saying fish-god Dagan was Nimrod was an alien, he can now claim any fish symbolism as that of alien origin too. Slowly, every single symbol ever is becoming associated with Icke's theory which only works to dilute the specifics.

Nimrod was represented in a dual role of God the Father and Ninus, the son of Semiramis, and her olive branch was symbolic of this offspring produced through a ‘virgin birth’. Ninus was also known as Tammuz who was said to have been crucified with a lamb at his feet and placed in a cave. When a rock was rolled away from the cave’s entrance three days later, his body had disappeared. Heard that somewhere before?

In and around these pages, Icke blasts a rapid-fire of information into our eyes which he uses to pick apart Christianity as a derivate story. I won't go much into this now as the entire 4th chapter is entirely focused on this theory and we can address it then.
For now, I will reiterate that the true identity of Nimrod is up for much debate and Icke is picking and choosing the ones that fit his tale. The Clementine literature (written around the 1st century) and The Two Babylons (written by notorious Roman Catholic Church hater Alexander Hislop in 1853) agree that Nimrod was Ninus. However, there are many other alternative individuals put forward as the identity for this man that Icke doesn't mention whatsoever, such as the Mesopotamian god Ninurta, a merging of Akkadian kings Sargon and Naram-Sin, Assyria king Tukulti-Ninurta I, Euechoios of Chaldea, Gilgamesh, Lord (Ni) of Marad, Enmerkar, Belus... the list goes on, I only stopped because I got bored.

Going back a step to The Two Babylons book, the deeper I dig, the more obvious it is that this is Icke's primary source on this matter. While historians agree that Semiramis was married to Ninus, it was author Alexander Hislop who claimed Ninus (who is also Nimrod) to be Semiramis' son as well as her lover. According to the book, this incestuous couple has a son named Tammuz (aka Dumuzid) another ancient Mesopotamian god. For some reason Icke claimed Tammuz is Ninus is Nimrod too, so it's very confusing.
What's more important to note is that The Two Babylons book has been picked apart by scholars for a myriad of inaccuracies, my favourite of which is when influential Professor of the Hebrew Bible, Lester L. Grabbe, noted that no text in existence mentions Semiramis and Nimrod together ever.

I can also find no strong evidence that Tammuz was crucified. In fact, the more common story was that Tammuz was attacked under a tree then dragged down to Hell by demons. Some beliefs say that Jesus was nailed to a tree, so perhaps that it where Icke was mistaken? However, there are many variations of the story where Tammuz does rise again, so we can stamp that one with some sort of possibility (if any of this ever happened at all).

In 1825, Pope Leo XII authorised the production of a jubilee medal and it depicted a woman in a pose that was blatant symbolism of Queen Semiramis. She had a crucifix in her left hand, a cup in her right and on her head was a seven rayed crown like the one on the Statue of Liberty, another depiction of Semiramis which was given to New York by French Freemasons.

Google the medal and you'll agree it looks like the Statue of Liberty lady. Officially, the Statue of Liberty is of the Roman goddess Libertas, but many sources argue they are the same. I'm neither convinced nor unconvinced.

A contact who has relatives working in high positions in the Vatican told me how, during the reign of Pope John Paul II, he was given a guided tour of the place which blew his mind.

I don't accept your source, sorry.

The Roman Catholic title of cardinal comes from the word ‘cardo’ meaning hinge and relates to Nimrod’s role as guardian of the door to heaven.

What the actual fuck is this? Once again this comes with a source leading straight to Brian Desborough. This dude basically wrote the book, ughhh.
Cardinal does mean hinge associated as “something on which a development turns” but how Icke leapt to Nimrod and the door of heaven is beyond anything anyone has ever said ever. It's missing so many steps to begin to take seriously. I can't even find any other source which mentions Nimrod and the door of heaven in the same sentence? Name any object and I'm pretty sure I can vaguely reach out to the same ballpark. Madness.

The masses were manipulated into believing superstitions and into taking symbolic stories literally, while the chosen initiates were given the real knowledge on penalty of death if they ever revealed it.

But that's exactly what Icke is doing himself! He's digging through past stories and symbols and taking them to literally mean reptilians! Why is his story the right one?? How does he justify this??

When you know what you are looking for it is the [lizard's] eyes that give them away. They are dark, piercing and cold.

OMG, my ex-girlfriend!

The reptile full-bloods are not attached to their bodies like humans. They are knowingly using them as ‘space suits’ to operate in this world, and when one wears out they simply occupy another. It is from this process of ‘possession’ by the reptilians and other low vibrational entities that we have the ancient tales, indeed modern ones too, of demons, devils and evil spirits taking over a human mind and body. It is the reptilians and other consciousness of the lower fourth dimension, the cesspit vibration as I call it, which are summoned during Satanic, black magic rituals and it is during these rituals that many unsuspecting puppets are ‘plugged in’ to the reptilian consciousness and taken over.

Where is he getting this from? He doesn't even try to reference this shit, there is no back-up text to this, it's all Icke's brain.
Also note that he has now booked possession, demons, devils, evil spirits etc. It's all the reptilians, they are responsible for literally everything you've ever heard of.

As I revealed in I Am Me I Am Free, and will elaborate upon in this book, the Brotherhood hierarchy today are seriously into Satanic ritual, child sacrifice, blood drinking and other abominations that would take your breath away. Yes, I am talking about some of the biggest royal, political, business, banking and media names on the planet. People like Henry Kissinger, George Bush, the British royal family and many other presidents, prime ministers and members of royalty.

And this? Quite an extensive list of name-drops there. I look forward to the evidence, I'm sure he has loads.

Most of the global population worshipped the Sun for its obvious gifts of heat and light and the effect this had on their crops and well-being. However, within the hierarchy of the Babylon Brotherhood and other Elite groups which had the advanced knowledge, they focused on the Sun for other reasons too. They understood the true nature of the Sun as a multidimensional consciousness which extends across the solar system on unseen frequency levels.

There is a lot more on this in chapter 4, but for now, it's common knowledge that all religion/concept of a Higher Power started with the Sun. This is one of the primary reasons why cultures looked up to the sky to worship. This could be used as evidence against the theories of aliens but, of course, in Icke's world, the Sun is another symbol under his belt. It's a dick one too because he's truly covering one of the biggest blankets of ancient prayer with this one.
That said, I adore the idea that the Sun is a "multidimensional consciousness" which led me to the belief of panpsychism, where literally everything has some level of consciousness. That excites me!

We have already seen that Mexican President Miguel De La Madrid claimed that the Mayans were interbred with the reptilians, the ‘iguana race’ as he put it.

This makes me MAD. He's directly quoting Mexican President Miguel De La Madrid as if the man said this when there is no evidence of such an utterance! The citation is from Cathy O’Brien's sensational book Trance Formation Of America which we discussed in Chapter 2. Icke does his trick again where, back on those pages, he tells us that Cathy claims Miguel said these words. One chapter later, and he's using this as if it's a factual word-for-word account from the man himself. It's a horrible manipulative trick.

This knowledge of the Sun will be a common theme throughout the rest of this book as we journey through history to the present day. It does, however, make the decoding of history a little more complex because the ancients would constantly use Sun and astrological symbolism in their stories and some of the names for their gods would be used to symbolise the Sun and the planets. Working out what is literal and what is symbolic is a considerable challenge.

The line "working out what is literal and what is symbolic is a considerable challenge" is such a strange thing to include here. It's as if he's almost confessing that he doesn't know the answers and is picking and choosing whichever ones suit him. Soooo much of Icke's reports are black and white, (a) is literal while (b) is symbolic. I keep asking myself how he's coming to these conclusions and yet right here he's saying he struggles with it. Maybe I'm being unfair but I consider this strong evidence towards the man making it up as he goes along. He provides no proof for anything and draws conclusions to benefit his plan.
Regardless, he's slowly getting us used to the fact that the almighty Sun is in on it too. There's a lot more of that coming in Chapter 4.

The Caucasus Mountains came up again and again in my research and how appropriate that in North America white people are known as ‘Caucasian’.

Icke brings up the Caucasus Mountains continuously as supposedly where our more modern civilisations all began. If I understand right, after "the big flood", the alien race retreated up to this "highest peak in Europe" and waited for the water to go down before they made their move.
Interestingly enough, the word ‘Caucasian’ was first coined in 1785 by Göttingen School of History member Christoph Meiners. It was, as David has said, a term to describe the people of the Caucasus area (occupied by Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Russia) which includes the Caucasus Mountains. However, it's worth noting that anthropologists disagree that this blanket term can be accurately applied to white people because even races from South Asia and North Africa were once considered "Caucasians".

That said, the Caucasus Mountains mountains do come with fascinating mythology. In the 18th century, it was believed that Noah's Ark landed here and therefore was where all humanity came from. Furthermore, it was also claimed as the location where Greek Titan Prometheus made humans out of clay. Both of these tie in with Icke's theories perfectly, although it would be irresponsible not to mention the many other Earthly areas that come with similar claims, most notably being Mount Ararat in Turkey by far.

From here, Icke maps out the journey of these "aliens from Mars/reptilian overlords from the 5th dimension/the white race/whatever", crossing lands and taking over. I'm going to give the author the benefit of the doubt and assume his geography checks out for the most part, because I can't be assed to go over every step of every country in every date. I'm certain that whatever he wrote has some truth in it sprinkled with extraterrestrial spice because that's the game here.

What we call the Jewish race also originated in the Caucasus region and not, as claimed, in Israel. Jewish historical and anthropological sources have shown that only a few of the people known as Jewish have any genetic connection to Israel. In the 8th century a people called the Khazars living in the Caucasus Mountains and southern Russia had a mass conversion to the Jewish religion.

This is bullshit once again. My research showed time and time again that at very least 70% of all Jewish ancestry leads to the Middle East. The Caucasus Jews (or Mountain Jews) are commonly considered descendants of the Persian Jews that came from Iran. As for Icke's Khazar statement, one of the most common names for this study is the "Khazar myth" due to its lack of any evidence. There's a fat Wikipedia page all about it if you want to check references. Icke has no references, of course.

The white race expanded northwards into Europe. The first people went by sea under the name, the Phoenicians, and over many centuries others migrated over land.

The Phoenicians are an ancient civilization that spread across the Mediterranean between 1500 and 300 BCE. Icke talks about them a lot so worth keeping note.

Evidence has emerged in recent years about pyramids on Mars, when the NASA scientists, Vincent DiPietro and Gregory Molenaar, discovered six enormous pyramids like those in Egypt in the Cydonia region of Mars. It would make sense that the same Martian race with the same knowledge would also build pyramids when they came to Earth, and the same can be said of the Anunnaki if, as Zecharia Sitchin speculates and I agree, they had settlements on Mars.

The area of Cydonia was where our 1976 telescopes not only picked up pyramid-type structures but also a creepy face staring up at us. For a long time following, ample scientists and conspiracy theorists alike were very excited about what this meant but when we finally managed to snap another high-quality image in 2001 (after the publication of this book), the face was not quite as visible and the "pyramids" looked closer to hills. We've also since had four robotic rovers riding around Mars, none of which reported any ancient ruins. Although I'm sure this is a NASA cover-up anyway, right? But then why would they even tell us they were putting the rovers up there in the first place? Idk idk.

The reason that the native legends of the Americas speak of tall ‘white gods’ coming from the sea bringing advanced knowledge is because that is precisely what happened, if you forget the gods bit.

A few places I could pick into this but mainly just wanted to make note of Icke now claiming ownership of water-symbolism for his alien narrative, which he continues to do from here.

Professor Alexander Thom, Emeritus Professor of Engineering Science at Oxford University from 1945 to 1961, discovered that the ancients who built Stonehenge knew about ‘Pythagorean’ geometric and mathematical principles thousands of years before Pythagoras was born.

While this report isn't set in... stone... the writings from experts seem abundant that this very well may be true. The general consensus isn't automatically aliens but usually how underrated our ancestors were at discovering astronomical and geometrical truths long before more modern humans did. Of course, the debate here is whether they did so on their own or not.

Brian Desborough, my scientist friend from California, told me there is a point on one of the Earth grids, the Hartmann Grid as it is called, where twelve of these force lines meet and go down into the Earth. Where was that? I asked. “A place called Avebury in England” he said. The very place the advanced Phoenician/Sumerians chose to build their stone circles at least five thousand years ago along with a series of surrounding sites, including Silbury Hill, the biggest human-made mound in Europe, and others like West Kennet Long Barrow.

Ughhhh Brian Desborough again! Allow me to remind you that Icke is using a friend as a source here, a guy who once wrote one conspiracy book called They Cast No Shadows and otherwise has no other qualifications. His book isn't even remotely popular! (see Chapter One analysis)
Side step: for lols I decided to see how Chapter Three fairs in this source department. Of Icke's 46 references behind this section, 15 of them are from The Great Pyramid Mystery chapter in Desborough's book. 32.61% in total. Not as bad when comparing it to the 42.86% of Chapter One but still not great, hey. I'd shudder to know how the entire book stands in this regard but I don't have the heart to check.

Regardless, let's give Desborough the benefit of the doubt and take a look at what he's saying. Dr. Ernst Hartmann "discovered" Hartmann lines, a network of connecting energies across the globe that Hartmann claimed caused serious illnesses to those who lived along the grid. It's an interesting discussion that unfortunately can not be proven by any modern devices and is not currently accepted by the scientific community whatsoever. Doesn't mean it's not true. Doesn't mean it's true.

Another constant is the latitude of 19.5 degrees. This is the latitude on which the pyramids, many ancient temple complexes, and other sacred structures were built. It is also where you will find the volcanoes on Hawaii, the Schild volcanoes on Venus, the massive Olympus Mons volcano on Mars, the dark spot on Neptune, the red spot on Jupiter and the main area of sunspot activity, north and south, on the Sun.

This is fascinating but, much like so many statements in this book, once you research it, a level of frustration rises.
This 19.5 theory was made famous by Richard C. Hoagland (as Icke did note in previous paragraphs). He's an author who doesn't have the greatest reputation, not only as someone without qualifications and as someone who makes their money writing conspiracy theory-related books, but mainly as a man who steals work from others and crediting it as his own (most notably researchers Andrew Johnson and Judy Wood).
Of course, this shouldn't matter if his claims ring true, right? Right! And, well, it almost does. But when talking about a very specific unit of measurement, when does almost register as ok?

Of just the ones that Icke mentioned:
The Pyramid of the Sun sits at 19.69° N.
The Olympus Mons on Mars sits at 19.3° N.
The Great Red Spot on Jupiter sits at 20.0° S.
And the Great Dark Spot of Neptune sits at 20.0° S.

Are these tiny differences important? Then again, would it be possible to pick another line of latitude and map out a vast array of joining dots especially if we allow ourselves a half a degree leeway either way? That appears to be the main argument against this.

Looks like Mars' Olympus Mons does qualify though and while repots are slim, Jupiter's Schild volcanoes too. Great! So what does it mean? High energy lines where the reptiles can better communicate with the 4th dimension? I mean, obviously!

I do want to make a quick personal note and say that I do believe specific locations of higher energy is believable. I like to believe it, even. I enjoy it.

The Brotherhood don’t want us to know any of this and so they have used their religions, like Christianity, to condemn astrology as the work of the Devil and their ‘science’ to dismiss it as mumbo-jumbo

This is super important to me. So, basically, The Brotherhood are losing this battle? Like, badly? Christianity (and general religion) gradually falls in numbers, the Internet spreads free knowledge (including this "knowledge"), this organisation must be freaking! For an all-powerful alien race living inside of the most powerful people on the planet, I can't imagine how upset they must be with Icke for exposing them! It's amazing they let him live!! Unbelievable!

Some of the stone circles are sometimes called Hare-Stones which, according to L. A. Waddell’s research, evolved through Harri or Heria, the title for the ruling Goths, and from the Hittite title of Harri, Arri or Aryan: Hare stones are Aryan stones. Just as Han Khrishna means Aryan Khrishna, very appropriate given that the Hindu religion was the work of the Aryans.

Ah my fuck, this is head-spinning.
Let's break it down: Stone circles = Hare-Stones = Harri = Arri = Aryan. Therefore, Hare Khrishna is obviously the work of the white aliens from Mars. It's all there! I was going to research this but I decided not to.

The Vedas, inspired by the Aryans, tell how the serpent-humans, the Nagas, could cause fantastic damage and instant death. The Nagas were also said to have appeared at the birth of the man who became known as Buddha and the serpent plays a part in the legend of Khrishna.

We discussed the Nāgas in Chapter Two. My conclusion was that they were semi-irrelevant due to the 330 million deities in Hindu mythology, of which the Nāgas were not even one of the most powerful/popular ones. If they wrote the Vedas, why give yourself such a minor role? Why place such bigger gods above you? And who were these bigger gods based on???
I couldn't find anything about a serpent at the birth of Buddha, but I did find that his original tribe (the Shakyas) focused a lot of worship on the Nāgas (among other things). Furthermore, when this leader reached enlightenment, a Nāga named Mucalinda protected him from the elements. That's way cooler!
The Hindu deity Krishna did once battle (and defeat) a serpent named Kāliya, in canto (chapter) 10 of the Bhagavata Purana. Perhaps worth noting that there were at least 24 other demons in this same canto.
I also want to remind everyone that there was a massive snake villain in the story of the Jungle Book too.

This reverence for trees in North Africa was expressed in the British Isles and Europe by the Druids and the giant or Titan race, the reptilian-human crossbreeds of the ancient Near East, were often symbolised as trees because of their height.

Look at that, Icke has now claimed trees too.
I feel like this might be a fun juncture to prepare a quick tally of the symbolism that Icke has taken ownership of.

Thus far, if you see any of the following images throughout history, it means that Reptilians Were Here:

Any reptile creatures really
Gods who walked among us
The Devil
Any demon/deity who loves us
Any demon/deity who hates us
Evil spirits
Those that come from above (sky)
Those that come from below (earth)
Those that come from water
Those that come from light/energy/another dimension
The Sun
Any planet really
Any creature with wings really
Any creature with scales really

Should I predict flowers next? Ok, I reckon he's going to book some flowers soon.

The holly bush was another sacred symbol of the Druids and this is where we get the name Hollywood in Los Angeles, the centre of the global film industry which was created by modern initiates of the Babylonian Brotherhood. It has remained in their control and Hollywood is one of their most important vehicles for mass mind conditioning. Hollywood is indeed a place of magic as it casts a spell on humanity’s perception of itself and the world.

I mean, this does make some sense, right?

The evidence of the connections between the Middle-Near East and the British Isles and Ireland is simply enormous.

Icke spends a long time connecting the Near East (Turkey, Egypt, and Western Asia which includes the Caucasus Mountains) and Middle-East to map out our(?) race's movements. He does so via "culture, language, deities, symbols and rituals" which is fine but there is also another important case which supports this. The DNA of a woman's skeleton (found in Belfast, dating as far back as 5,000B.C.) was analysed by Trinity College and the results suggested that she may have come from Turkey. This is interesting in terms of migration, sure.

Certainly, the Babylonian Brotherhood and others with advanced knowledge were very keen to make their way to Britain and establish their headquarters there. London became the epicentre of their operations and it remains so to this day.

LONDON REPRESENT! Is it weird that I kinda hope this part is true? Does it mean that my city will be ok no matter what? Cos we're living on super energy lines or the aliens will protect it or whatever? That'd be comforting!

Many of the reptile-Aryan bloodlines appear to have been based in Troy and it remains a sacred place for those at the upper levels of the secret society network who are aware of their true origins. Troy or Troia means ‘three places’ in Greek and Hebrew, an allusion to the trinity, another belief that Christianity has stolen from the ancient world. In English, Troy or Troia is Tripoli, the name of the capital of Libya today and home to that Brotherhood frontman, Colonel Gaddafi.

Troia does mean Troy in Gaelic, correct. I couldn't find any evidence that Troia means "three places" in either Greek or Hebrew but I could find that it means "slutty" in Italian. It is also a town in Italy and a peninsula in Portugal. Not sure why I mentioned that.
Even if I could find any evidence at all that it means "three places" (I can't), I'm not sure why this would automatically be associated with the Christian trinity? Sometimes three things simply... exist.
Anyways, Tripoli does mean "triple city" in Greek, so that's something. However, it refers to the fact that there are three of them, one in Libya, one in Lebanon, and one in Greece (Tripolis). You could argue that the Tripoli in Libya is of most importance as it's their nation's capital.

Finally, it's interesting to note that Colonel Gaddafi is a "frontman" of the Brotherhood. From what little I know about this Libyan revolutionary/politician, it does seem he was a highly controversial figure whose 2011 death was met with varying reactions. Both then-US President Barack Obama and then-UK Prime Minister David Cameron were very happy with the result. Hang on, but aren't they also in the Brotherhood? Where is the loyalty in this organisation, man??

London became the operational centre of the empire of the Babylonian Brotherhood, and it still is, along with Paris and the Vatican.

Once again mad-props to my home city but if you want to make a holiday of it, here's the full package.

They were also decorated with the swastika, the Phoenician-Aryan symbol of the Sun. Once again, they were the same people. All the white peoples are and it is the white race which has taken over the world, quite demonstrably. Just look around you at who controls all the reigns of global power. White people.

Another race-flag but he's not entirely wrong, is he? Still, there are simpler solutions as to why this happened, and I do feel we're gradually sinking into more questionable realms with the racial content as we go on.


Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Stop Romanticising

Stop posting articles that tell us to stop “romanticising” things.
I’ll romanticise whatever the fuck I want.
I’ll romanticise you telling me not to romanticise things.
That’s how fucking romantic I am.
The ability to romanticise elements of life is the joy of an optimist, the gift for the poet, and the right of every single human being.
You know what we should stop doing instead? We should stop telling each other to stop doing things.
We’re all on different roads here, and you’re going to crash if you keep looking at everyone else's.