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Friday, 1 May 2020

Unpopular Covid Theory

The governments around the world are consulting with their brightest minds and following their best judgements to make tough but important decisions for the survival of their people and their economy. However, in these unprecedented conditions, it's a struggle and no one is exactly sure what they are doing.

Different countries attempt different methods. Some happen upon more positive results while others make tragic mistakes. However, each nation learns from one another until, after some time, the numbers fall into manageable figures with minimal casualties and financial damage.

A cheap and very safe vaccination is discovered shortly afterwards, administered only to those of high risk and society slowly resumes to a functional pace. Except now everyone lives with a newfound appreciation for their freedom, their health, and the touch of their loved ones.

COVID-19 is documented as a turning point in history, a spiritual awakening of sorts, where the positive environmental changes of isolation are revered and maintained; where essential workers are highly praised and compensated accordingly; where wet markets and the entire meat industry are held accountable for their crimes against nature; and the humans finally have the undeniable evidence that our species is profoundly connected, the sickness of one now treated as the sickness of all.

In this fantasy, I end up living with a beautiful photographer in LA and we have a child who teaches us about life and love in a way we never understood before.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Stop Romanticising

Stop posting articles that tell us to stop “romanticising” things.
I’ll romanticise whatever the fuck I want.
I’ll romanticise you telling me not to romanticise things.
That’s how fucking romantic I am.
The ability to romanticise elements of life is the joy of an optimist, the gift for the poet, and the right of every single human being.
You know what we should stop doing instead? We should stop telling each other to stop doing things.
We’re all on different roads here, and you’re going to crash if you keep looking at everyone else's.