Friday, 27 May 2011

Fancy a quickie, darling?

Juice Nothing Will Have Sex With You
Unfortunately this round I don’t have anything funny to say because I CAN'T BE ASSED. Instead, here is what I have been working on as of late:

I just launched the sequel to My Brief Brushes With Greatness, aptly titled My Brief Brushes With Greatness Part II. It actually turned out better than I could have hoped, so read it already, Gawd.

I am also almost a third into writing the next blog, so hopefully that won’t take too long.

Sadly, I am waaay behind the charts for May, but I don't really care. Instead I have been giving myself the time to go back and listen to past releases I enjoy, which has been good for my stress levels. I recently passed 200 albums from 2011, and it continues to be updated almost every day, so you might as well get your music fix right here.

This shit is coming together PROPER, but every time I make one step forward, four more steps present themselves. I will say that final instrumental mixes are being made.

Pretty soon all work on everything else will cease for a short time because I really should be focusing on this project. It is massively cool you guys. And for the first time, I will reveal this: if you think that Coming Down Happy is just a music project, you are so very wrong.

The other week I got my ass into gear and answered 15 questions in 5 days, and even some before then. The best received were as follows:
Pornstar Blow-Jobs and The Middle East Crisis
The Dumbest Question I Have Ever Been Asked
Three Questions For Jesus
Three Days Invisible
Is Your Life Too Simple?
Anonymous Bitches Want To Fuck Me
Monogamy in the Animal Kingdom
Music vs. Girls
How Do You Know If Your Fuck Buddy Is More Than Just a Fuck Buddy
Beards and Rashes
And the Age Old Question: Would I Rather Have All My Fingers Replaced by Penises or My Nose?

This does mean my Inbox is dangerously close to empty (6 left - first time in a long time) so please ask me stuff!

Finally, I actually have news. The script for our next short has been finalized and shooting is scheduled to take place on Tuesday. Nobody could predict what it is, but if all goes according to plan, it should be one to remember. Hopefully out in 2 weeks or less - hold thumbs, and keep checking the site.

Somehow there is actually news coming for this project. It's such a lol, I am beginning to doubt it will ever really die.

And that’s everything for now. Remember to follow me on Twitter because then you will get all of the news all of the time, lost in-between nothing at all.

Get down girl, go ahead, get down.

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