Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Brand New Juice Nothing!

Juice Nothing is very fancyFuck yeah. So welcome to the new Juice Nothing, please, make yourself at home. Allow me to point out a few very important differences that you should become aware of.

First of all: you may have noticed that you are on a
Blogger page. All articles and news updates will now be put here. The reason for this is that I can smack updates out much faster and you can even comment on them.

The next thing is the fancy-schmancy home page on the official site which now displays any updates from all the projects I am working on. This will get updated fucking often, so if you are one of the rare people who actually like everything I do, this is why this website was made.

Something you might not have noticed is all the stuff behind the scenes. It is the most friendly site I have ever coded, and includes stuff you've heard of like PHP, JQuery, CSS driven Divs, JavaScript, Flash and other stuff. It is also PISS easy for me to update.

Other sections include The Juices (details on current projects); Not Juices (other stuff I have around the net); and The Future (details on the projects you can expect soon). I have also decided to write a new blog-article monthly, expect one soon.

I hope you enjoy your stay, follow me on Twitter to get updates faster than all your friends.

In other news: We just had our 1-year Art-Pulpitations birthday. To celebrate, we got our best artists to submit new stuff, turned out to be the best month ever. Now that it is over,
Joshua Dusk is out July Artist Of The Month, while Frank Moody's Flies on Dogfood is our piece of the month. It's all so good, damn.

I also met
Lily Allen while I was remaking the site, so Help Jared Woods Meet Lily Allen is OVER. This means I have more time, which will look like this: The Gravy Stroke will be the next project. It is a series of short films, a collaborative effort between a lot of talent. You wouldn't believe how close we are.

Coming Down Happy is also building up momentum fast.

I feel like something is about to happen.

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