Wednesday, 27 July 2011

My Mouth

Jared Woods And His Juice Nothing Mouth
I am totally rushing this, because I wasn’t supposed to be here today. I had prior arrangements.

In fact, I was planning to only write my next blog at the end of August, taking a month off writing to focus on bigger things. I have been slaving away over a short story and another much bigger blog, but due to my little sister visiting my London home all the way from South Africa, I much preferred indulging in other things. Like Love Box Festival. And Thorpe Park. And drinking. Oh how we have laughed and gaily skipped around the London sun which looks a lot like rain.

And then Amy Winehouse died. I won’t go into too much detail here about what this did to me, because I have covered it extensively in my latest blog The 27 Club, but I will say with all modesty that it is one of the best bits I have written this year. And if you don’t read it, I literally BEG you to at least read the conclusion, as that is what I feel is important in a time like this. I also want to point out the beauty of symbolism, as this blog came together on this day, the 27th of July.

Other than that, I noticed how out of date The Future section was. So I rewrote most of it, more accurately stating where I am at and where I am going. One thing I want to quickly talk about is a thing called LU**U*******U*D which I remember talking about at great length near the beginning of 2010, and now it is never going to happen. So I will reveal for the first time here, the uncensored name is: LUNDUNDERGROUND. My plan was to make little comical like collages which presented themselves as a puzzle, each one representing a different tube station. I wanted to sell them to The London Paper, but that died and so did the idea. I didn’t get very far anyway, and only ever half-finished one. See if you can guess the tube station:

Guess The Tube

Give up? Highlight the text below to read what it is:
(Shepard's Bush, duh)

Anyways, most effort lately has been devoted to

A lot of time has been spent working on this, and yet I am only roughly 24.6% done of the final stretch. It’s such a big project, killing me softly with its songs, but I have been previewing it to some people. Each one have let me fuck them afterwards, so I take that as a very good sign. Maybe next time I will tell you more secret stuff.

Nothing to report here, but literally as I type this a meeting is taking place, so I will deffo have some news for next time, if not, a full video. A big one. A good one.

Despite taking a week off this side of J0 this month, July has stacked up and is pretty much up to date. The top ones are brilliant and relatively unknown, so do yourself a favour.

I have also been fine combing February, which is pretty damn near perfect right now, and should be 100% complete in a few days.

I must say, as time has gone on, I have grown to hate this shit. It is putting so much stress into my life that it makes me depressed when I think about it. People close to me are telling me to stop doing it, but I feel I must see it through. It does suck to have that feeling tho, and as a result, I might start taking things a bit slower, if you don’t mind. I mean, just look at it. No one should be listening to that much music. No one.

I am taking an indefinite hiatus from Formspring. If you have questions waiting, I am sorry, but as Coming Down Happy became my priority, I knew I had to cut some stuff out, and this was the first to go. I will probably get back on it sometime, but don’t hold your breathe.

And that’s all. Sorry for the rushed nature this was done, but follow me on Twitter and you will get a little bit of Jared everyday. That’s me. I’m Jared.


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