Thursday, 29 July 2010

Everything All Of The Time

Jared Woods Is An Army AntHey, hows it going?

As most people who follow me know (yes, I am talking to the five of you) I shut down Art-Pulp. The decision came to me in the middle of a heavy late-night binge, and it made extreme sense until I woke up the next day. I couldn’t believe I could think such things, since all the other Juices had pretty much died, it was all I had left.

But then as I continued to update it, I realised that the seed had been planted and I just simply had to let it go. It will free up so much needed time that I can focus on projects that are original and focused, not a shitty Art-Site that was built using tables and had zero SEO value whatsoever. For more on this, check the site.

The Gravy Stroke is not called The Gravy Stroke anymore, I think. Certain members weren’t happy with the name and that is their right, so we have begun the painful and rigorous process of trying to all agree on a new one. We have a few ideas. Regardless, this hasn’t stop the train going full force as our first short feature Nitrous Of The Living Dead is very close to the finish line, plus we shot a ton of footage for a music video by False Flags. Editing has begun, haven’t seen much of it but I know it will be ill.

Coming Down Happy has been somewhat slow. I have a loop for 2 separate songs, the concept and lyrics are coming together, but I was hoping a lot more would’ve happened by now. To help this along, I am rereading Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis for the sixth time, and expect that familiar burning desire to kick in any second now.

I am also about a quarter way through the rough of a new blog, hopefully get it done next week?

Finally, I have started my autobiography. Was planning to only begin next year, but it just makes sense to start now. I know this may sound boring, but I am 75% sure that this will be the thing to push my fame/infamy to the next level.

Also, go check out my formspring, it’s going crazy lately.

Much love, thanks for reading.

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