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Jared Woods' Guide to Using Facebook and the Law of Attraction as One Powerful Tool

Originally Written: 31/08/08

Mr Happy and The Law Of AttractionIntroduction
I would like to think that by now 99% of people who have access to any form of media have been exposed to the Law of Attraction. Even though the first publication of LOA was in 1879 in the New York Times, it was only until the release of The Secret DVD in 2006 that the whole world took notice, including myself. Now, a lot of people I have debated with reject the idea immediately, and so if you feel that this life changing New-Age thought idea is a bunch of crap, my suggestion is not to read this. However, if you are someone who is interested in this, or even better, someone who practices LOA and wants a little more ooomph in their manifestation, this is for you.

What is LOA?
The Law of Attraction is (very basically) the idea that like attracts like. Most of the people who reject this do it on the basis that it is "wishful thinking" and even some sort of a cult thing going on. But by breaking it down using simple Quantum-Physics, it really isn't as magical as one would think. Everyday we are all bombarded with information. From Tv to the internet to even walking down the street and being exposed to countless fashion statements, corporate logos and items to purchase. It is IMPOSSIBLE for our brains to take all the information in. So as an almost defense mechanism, our brains only take in what it feels is relevant to what it is that we are thinking about.

I won't go into too much detail, but the idea is that we should keep good thought, and when an intrusive bad thought comes along we can recognize it as being negative, and then swiftly replace it with a thought you love and hold onto the feeling. Two people could be walking down the same street on a rainy day. The person who has been constantly allowing negative thoughts into their brain may think "Damnit I am getting wet!" The person who has been thinking how great everything is might be thinking "I can't wait to get home and have that nice bath." It's the same situation, but your perspective determines your attitude towards life, and everything will look hunky dory.

This goes a little further, as the real "Secret" that people might miss is that one must pretend that you already have everything you want, therefore your energy and your cells are on the right frequency. This is difficult to grasp, as you are essentially lying to yourself, but I can't express enough how amazing this is. Just think about it, if you are focusing on what it is you don't have, you are just reminding yourself that you are missing something, and that will get you down and you won’t notice when the opportunity to get what you want comes along. But by living your life as if you already are rich/famous/in a happy relationship/best job etc etc, it becomes easier to see what the next step is towards the ultimate goal.

Unfortunately, there is too much to this for me to explain what I have learned, but if you are interested I could send you a message about how I have used LOA to get AMAZING things in my life. But this is not what this note is about. I urge you to research the Law of Attraction. The Secret is a good start, but my suggestion is to YouTube Abraham-Hicks, as this is the teachings that the Secret was based on in the first place. If you have a high speed connection, I BEG YOU to watch these:

Or just read the summary here:

Once you grasp this stuff, not only will your life become measurably more blissful, but you can continue to do research on how to get exactly what you want. Fine-tuning is the key, listening to your emotions is like the GPRS system to guide your thoughts, and before you know it, being sad is just not an option.

Now, as a facebook addict, I have come to discover a few ways that the two things can be used together in a very impressive unity. As I have said, don't read this if you don't believe in LOA, but if you do, here are a few things you can do using facebook to feel good, empower your inner vibration and manifest what it is you truly desire.

Emo Status Updates
This is a massive pet-peeve of mine. Everyday I see so-called LOA-believers with the most emo statuses, which just proves that they don't get it. When you write "so-and-so is lonely" or "so-and-so can't believe how I have been treated" etc... do you have ANY idea what you are actually doing??

I read somewhere that just the act of writing/typing thoughts down manifests things 60% faster. I can't imagine how someone could measure a statistic like that accurately, but the point is that it makes a HUGE difference. I can stand as proof of that, as almost anything I have purposefully created comes from this method.

It makes sense too. If you think about something, your thought omits a frequency. This frequency reaches every cell in your body, and (according to LOA) every single bit of energy in the universe, as we are all connected by this way. This sets off a reaction of manifestation. But by writing something down, it has gone from a level of thoughts and frequencies, to an actual physical item. It is no longer just a thought, it is now on a piece of paper or your PC screen, something you can touch and feel. It has passed the phase of a complete frequency and has become a fixed thing in reality, if this makes sense.

Facebook status' can be very dangerous in this way. Not only have you typed your emo thought down, which reaffirms how you are feeling, but now it reaches all your friends. So let’s just say someone types " so-and-so is so depressed". You feel it, you reaffirmed you are feeling kak, and no doubt, you feel worse. Now your friends see this, and they feel kak for you. And they will respond "Why are you feeling depressed?". This has upset their frequency and even worse, is provoking you to delve deeper into your depression. Because now you will respond "I am depressed cos I have no lover/money/blah blah" and this is the WORST thing. Now you are focusing all your resources on your depression, your reasons for depression and the whole vibe fucks out, for you, and your friends.

DON'T DO IT. If you are a sympathy-junkie-attention-seeker, I can see the advantage, sure. But if you are truly feeling bad, and you don't want to feel this way, DO NOT give it any time or energy, and DO NOT tell people about it! Rather, think of a humorous twist on your situation and use that. Or just lie and say " so-and-so is really happy I have such nice friends" or whatever. Because what you focus your energy on is only going to get bigger and dominate your entire life.

My Status Update Secret
Ok, so now you get that by being emo for the world to see, will only snowball into a storm of emoness. But how can we use Status Updates to get what you want? I am sure most of you have worked this out, but I have a little extra method I use to get what I want. Here it is:

Pick something you want
I got lonely during the early summer of 2007. I wanted a lady-friend for all the reasons guys want lady-friends. I was focusing on how lonely I was, until I realized this was counter-productive. So I wrote a nice list in present tense about the girlfriend I didn't have (eg: I love my girlfriend cos she has good taste in music etc) and kept good thought about it. This will work for anything, so I suggest you do it RIGHT NOW. But besides this, I did something else.

Find your mantra
Imagine you already have what you want. Picture the feeling and hold on to it. What would your status update be? It wouldn't be "so-and-so is lonely or depressed" would it? It would be something like "so-and-so is SO FUCKING HAPPY EVERYTHING IS WORKING OUT" wouldn't it? Seriously, if you had what you wanted right now, what would your status be??

Mine was " Jared Woods was only waiting for this moment to arrive" which was a Beatles lyric from BlackBird. I know that if I had my girlfriend, that would be my status update. Besides this, every time I felt lonely, I would sing that song (or John Lennon's Real Love) to myself and it would snap me back to the feeling of love and fulfillment. Seriously. If you had what you wanted. Right now. What would be your Status Update? Find your mantra.

Focus Focus Focus
Once a day (no more, no less) imagine typing your mantra into your status update. Don't obsess over it, just spend 5 minutes a day imagining the feeling of having what you want and typing that uber-amazing update. Feels good, no? Then go on with your life avoiding bad thought.

2 weeks after I wrote my list and picked my mantra, I got a girlfriend, no jokes. One Holly Quayle. Yeah, ok, so it didn't turn into the fairy tale we all want, but I don't regret a second I spent with this girl and I am soooo grateful for what we had. I wouldn't change it for the world, and what is important is that I got to do it. The feeling of satisfaction of when I typed " Jared Woods was only waiting for this moment to arrive" was epic. So whether you want "so-and-so got the car!" or "so-and-so loves my new puppy!" have faith that it IS coming, and when you get it, you will type your status for the world to see.

BUT DON'T FORGET that the most POWERFUL tool for the Law of Attraction is GRATITUDE. Be grateful for what it is you have, and you will get more of it, without fail. Be grateful!! Don't focus on what it was your ex did wrong to you, focus on what it is you liked about your ex, and someone with those characteristics WILL manifest in front of your eyes and you will know it in your gut when it does.

Liar Liar One thing that will work even better, but I don't suggest it, is to lie. If you type "so-and-so is so happy I won the lotto" it will manifest faster, but very soon your friends will call your bluff and you will build a representation as a liar. Rather just write down on a piece of paper how happy you are that you have what you want, for personal use. Don't lie to the world, because when confronted about it, you will only reaffirm that you were lying. Just DON'T, for the love of God, EVER write ANYTHING that states that you DON'T have what you want, or that is all that will happen.

Causes and Groups
This is one that people just don't seem to get. It's sad generally, because while you think you might be doing the right thing, and your intentions are in the right place, you may actually become part of the problem.

For example: If you join a cause that is ANTI-DOG FIGHTING with a blatant picture of a mutilated dog, how do you feel? You feel angry. You feel resentful. You feel like you want to go and kill people. These are NEGATIVE feelings. Sure, it's a good cause, but it gives a feeling of resistance and anti-positivety. Now, let’s say there was a cause called HAPPY HOMES FOR ABUSED DOGS with a picture of a bull-terrier frolicking in a field of flowers. How do you feel? You feel joyous. You feel inspired. You feel like there are good people in the world and you focus on them. This is EXACLTY the same cause, yet one gives a feeling of suffering while the other gives the feeling of well-being.

Also be reminded that the VERY reason why people use horrific pictures in their causes is to stir negative emotions in you. It shocks you into wanting to participate, but that is never a good thing. Looking at a dog with its face torn off might make you want to do something, but you'll want to do it out of pure hatred. This is never good for anyone, it is infact bad for your inner-self and the entire problem.

Another example would be a group I think we are all part of. "Feed a Child with just One Click". This is a great group with a powerful message. The title is great, it's positive, who wouldn't want to feed a child? You feel good. But then there is a picture of a child starving and dying. What good does that do? It guilt trips you. It makes you feel shitty and shocks you into action. This is not the way. I suggest looking at pictures of these children eating. Read stories about kids who have come from poverty to riches. By giving your energy positively, you will manifest great things into the world. By giving your energy negatively, you actually just cause more turmoil within yourself and the universe. There are millions of great happy inspiring stories to read, which never make the news.

So in summary, if you hate Zuma, don't join the ANTI-ZUMA cause, this is still giving power to ZUMA. Instead, focus your energy on the opposition. Don't be ANTI-RAPE, be PRO-SAFETY FOR WOMEN. Don't be ANTI-ESKOM, be PRO-POWER FOR PEOPLE. It is the same cause, except one stirs negativity and the other stirs positivity.

PLEASE BE AWARE OF THIS. If the whole world was ANTI-WAR, it would be a WAR ON WAR, which is just a mess of anger and resentment. If everyone in the world was PRO-PEACE, it is exactly what you want. If you don't like something, don't fight it. Rather find the opposite of it, and support it. This simple change takes no effort and yet will give you a good feeling rather than a bad feeling, and still intends the same outcome.

Relationship Status
As I type this, I am Single. My Relationship Status is set accordingly. The reason is because I want people to know I am single. I am cool with it, I am putting it out there. I see I am single and I go "yeah, opportunity!"

But if you are single and you don't want to be, remove this IMMEDIATELY. If you are lonely, you do not need to be reminded of this every time you look at your page. There is no shame in leaving this blank, a lot of people do it, and if you are sick of it, just remove it.

On the same page, if you and your partner are in a relationship and "it's complicated" you are making it very difficult to ever get out of that rut. Who needs to look at their relationship and everyday reaffirm that it is complicated? Plus, the whole world knows it. Unless you are comfortable with this, speak to your partner and either be in a relationship or don't. This is down to personal preference, but in my experience, nobody in the world likes to be in a complicated situation. Your profile is sacred, it's your space, remove ANYTHING that keeps it from being anything but a celebration of yourself and your awesomeness.

Profile Pic
Remember that your profile picture is your representation. Every time you write on someone’s wall, that is what they will associate with you. So as most of you do, pick your favorite photo. Don't be ashamed to use the one that makes you look good. Even better, choose one that makes people laugh. Spread the joy! And if you have BDD, use a picture that makes you happy. Don't use a photo of something you hate or a negative message like "FUCK THE WORLD". What good does that do? It makes you look like a morbid sad bastard, and that's what people will think of you.

Recently a picture surfaced of me licking a fake penis while dressed in a bunny-suit. My immediate reaction was "oh hell no, I don't want anyone to see that!" And from that I decided that to set it as my profile pic was not only funny, but showed I was ok with it. And I was! It turned an awkward feeling into a feeling of acceptance and humor, and that's the kind of thing we should all do more of. Make a joke of yourself, enjoy laughing at your drunkerdness, and the world will appreciate you for it.

Just don't do it. We all know people (generally people we once loved) who you just HAVE to know what they are up to. And low-and-behold, when you look at their page, you feel shit. Recognize who these people are, people you want to know stuff about and then regret it when you do. Fight the urge, do not stalk people who make you feel jealous/lonely/depressed. Let it be.

I suggest scrolling to the bottom of your home page, and clicking on the "Options for Top Stories". Here you can set which friends you want to know more or less about. I have a nice list of people who don't appear on my Mini-Feed. If an ex girlfriend of mine gets into a new relationship, I wont know about it. You may THINK you want to know, but you don't. And if the said person writes on your wall, don't go to their page to reply. Click "Wall-to-Wall" and reply from there. That way you stay out of their business and you don't know what would otherwise ruin your day. Ignorance is Bliss may seem like a stupid option, but you just have to ask yourself: do you want to be happy? Or not?

Notes and Posted Items
As far as emo poetry goes, I am in two minds. Something good has to be said about taking a negative emotion and turning it into something creative and productive. I only have suggestions. If you are going to write emo poetry, try mix a little humor into it, or try give it a good ending. If this is impossible, I do see the value in writing it down and then NEVER reading it again. However, if you like your work and want your friends to read and comment, be prepared to have to relive the experience and most likely manifest more of what you don't want. That said, some of my favorite writers come from places of complete darkness, and so from an artistic point of view, I can't tell you how to do this, just be aware.

But if you are going to write a note about how shit things are, I think a good idea would be to counter it once in a while with a note about stuff you are grateful for. The same goes for posted items. People seem to love to post links to news items about the horrible things about their country or lives. Why do this? I don't even watch the news anymore because we are always bombarded with negativity. Now people say to me "well, it's good to be informed". But how informed are you if you are focusing on the bad? There are so many good things out their, and yet the so-called "informed" only look at one side of the story. If you must post items that interest you of a depressing nature, please balance it out with a good news article once in a while. It won’t hurt to do this, and even more so, the more good news you look for, the more you will find.

There are two main reasons I wrote this note. The first is obviously because I am hoping someone might actually read it and get something from it. They might see a few things they were doing wrong, and change them to enhance their lives for the better. If I could get one person to rethink the use of facebook as a tool to getting what they want in life, I have done something which makes the world a better place.

But the main reason is for myself. When I focus on the Law of Attraction itself, wonderful things start to happen. By following these guidelines, I have taken a social-networking site into a gateway of creation. And even though it took hours to write, I have come out of it more sure than ever. Be aware of your feelings, and your feelings will tell you everything you need to know. Keep good thought and the people around you will respond with an equally inspiring vibe. I know this to be true, and I hope somebody has learned something.

Now go away.


  1. thought i would throw in something bout this.

    For me the 'laws of attraction' is a real thing, i prefer the description that "all thought is reality"

    this is just an extension of descartes
    'Cogito ergo sum' - 'i think therefore i am'
    or it could be udated to
    'i think therefore it is' or 'Cogito, ergo est'

    which is esentially what Neitzsche does when he says

    'This world is the will to power---and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power---and nothing besides!'

    So descartes was possibly the first too truely accept the 'laws of attraction' as a philosophical stance.

    So the mystics/philosophers have always (well some mystics/philosophers) accepted this as reality.

    But this is all in the realm of non-scientific thinking.

    Which brings me to this.

    a guy has written an algorythm type thing which is essentially for encryption security, you know the type of thing i am talking about, what is very interesting about this is that the algorythm knows when is it being read/observed/ or looked at or thought about and will subsequently change as part of it's security protocol. the algorythm essentially changes when you think about it.

    You see what's happened here don't know. It seems the science/mysticism have come full circle and united under this idea. that thought can effect reality.

    If you add in the idea that we are a collective conscious. then you can really have some fun if you could persuade a few hundred people all to think about one action.

    this has been done with great effect in washington where they reduced the level of violence in the city through churches uniting and all praying across the city, all praying for the same thing, peace in the city.

    It worked and no-one got killed that night.

    so if we call the thought output of one person as '1 jared' and then rate different possible realities on the 'Lily Scale'.

    Which could lead to knowing that if you want to say bump into an old friend today

    that would be say a 2 on the lily scale (not a massive ask) and would maybe require the output of one jared.

    say you wanted to win a brand new car, this would be maybe 5 on the lily scale but could require the output of 3 jareds.

    Moving the orbit of the moon (which should be possible. might be 50 on the lily scale and require the power of 1,000,000 jareds.

    there would have to be other factors to consider, concentration levels and such.

    run with it

  2. That was an excellent response Gregor, I only found it now!
    To be honest, I am embarrassed of this entire post as I wrote it so long ago and my perception has definitely changed quite a lot on the topic. Would love to have many more convos about this with you!