Friday 19 October 2012

Another 10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter

When you are writing the third sequel to a blog which was never really that good in the first place, the whole concept can feel a little bit unnecessary. But as you get older, you begin to run out of ideas and have to rehash the old ones, justifying this fact by telling yourself you "know more things now" and you "can do better this time".
But before we begin, I'd like to point out that the only worthwhile person to follow on Twitter is me. So go on. Follow me. Right now, though, I'm serious. Click on that link and follow me. I'm not fucking around. Do it.
Did you do it? If the answer is "no", go right back to the beginning of this article and start reading again until you can pass this point. If the answer is "yes" - congratulations! Your life has just begun! I won't let you down, I swear! Now, follow these people:

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 10. Big Ben

10. Big Ben

Time Itself

Some of the best of accounts have dud posts. Hell, even in all my advanced intelligence and prophetic foresight, I have been known to Tweet things that nobody seems to respond to (not because they weren’t funny, mind you, but because people are so below me that they just didn't get it). However, Big Ben Clock is the only account on the planet which I enjoy every single tweet from.
It won’t mean much to you if you don’t live within the London timezone (much like the real Big Ben itself, I suppose) but if you do, you might as well throw your wristwatch away right now and just follow this account. On the hour, every hour, this clock bongs out to the Twitterverse, reminding you guys that it is time. Time for what? Time for whatever, man. I cringe to imagine how many times I would have missed my lunch hour without this profile.

Recent Tweets

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 09. Text-Based Instagram

09. Text-Based Instagram

ascii hipster

When Facebook bought Instagram for $1billion, I knew my life was over. How that much money could exist for a photographic program which has been generalized as a “Hipster App” made me rethink my existence. Maybe the hipsters knew where it was at all along? Maybe the rest of us were the idiots?
Regardless, one thing is definitely true: Instagram is very good at fucking your shit photos in such a retro way that you may even fool your friends into thinking you are a good photographer. No talent necessary! Now you can pull your duck face and it seems classy! Now you can take photos of your dinner and pretend it was cooked in the 70’s! Because, let’s face it, that’s what is cool these days.
But if a picture speaks a thousand words, how many words does 140 characters speak? Why would we want to look at these horrific photos in the first place, when we could rather just read about them instead? Am I right? At least reading is good for you.

Recent Tweets
Young teenage offspring taking a high angled shot of their cleavage in a cosmetic speckled bathroom mirror.
Four girls in a circle taking a picture of their feet
Two best friends performing a photo shoot as if it's their last night on earth.
Girl flipping off the camera. Caption, "YOLO"
Girls freshly painted toenails as they flaunt their gross ass feet.

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 08. Terrible Novel

08. Terrible Novel

One Long Story. One Random Line at a Time.

Writing is hard - take it from me. I wrote this whole article, start to finish, and at no point did I have any confidence in what I was doing. It’s like, I think I’m being very clever and funny, and then I reread what I said and it doesn’t make sense. Goddamn apostrophe got me again. It’s supposed to indicate possession, isn’t it? Goes before the “s”? Oh, except if the word already ends with an “s”, then it goes on the end. I think. Wait, except when you talk about the word “its”, because it doesn’t want possession - it is the exception. Unless it is “it is”, which becomes the contraction “it’s” with the apostrophe, right? Whatever, I better spell check this thing. But how can I even be sure that it was successful? It's not foolproof. God forbid I make the “you’re/your” mistake, because Twitter people go on about that so much that I’ve forgotten which is which. But they will still never let it go. Wait, now I'm confused, what was I even talking about? I've been looking at these words for so long that none of them seem spelt right. Is this even English?
You see my problem? These are the reasons why I am yet to attempt to write a novel. There are far too many pages in a novel, which leaves massive room for error. Luckily, some are braver than others, which brings me finally to this account. Spitting out Tweet after Tweet, each one of these updates give us a line from an upcoming Terrible Novel, which may or may not exist. I mean, the story itself seems erratic and non-linear, but personally I think it’s brilliant. Oprah book club shit. I’d buy it, is what I’m saying. His punctuation is impeccable.

Recent Tweets
Miriam pulled a dusty drop cloth off heaps of forgotten family heirlooms. Amidst it all she saw... a frosty sixer of Bud Light? But how?
The lustrous moon hung low in the sky. Mrs. Pettingbone called the children to see its stunning glory. "Yeah, great," they said. "The moon."
The more she ran, the more she felt like ranning.
His soul slithered down through cracked earth and soil to Hell where he was handed a credit card and told to "be reasonable."
The landfill smelled all right. For a landfill.

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 07. Anti Joke Book

07. Anti Joke Book

This is a Twitter Account

Anti humour is the new humour, and if you don’t think so, stick to your sickipediabot, loser. However, if you do think so, then you and me should get married because, personally, I am sick of laughing at punchlines. I prefer my punchlines to laugh at me, and then (depending on my mood), I may laugh back or even sob about my miserable existence. I’m so lonely.
Life is not a joke, but rather a bunch of observations. It’s like the Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road theory - it doesn’t need to be funny in order to be funny. Or does it? At what point does the point point to pointless, or was that always the point in the first point? It doesn’t matter. I like this account. This is because (for the most part) it sticks to the script and only delivers predictable anti-Tweets for me and me alone. I say “for the most part” (and the only reason why I didn't place it any higher on this list) because sometimes it does seem to slip off the tracks and post what I would consider a "normal joke”. At first this pissed me off majorly - I didn’t sign up for this shit! Until I realised that a REAL joke within an ANTI joke account is like THE BIGGEST ANTI JOKE EVER. My God, when will it end?

Recent Tweets
What did the black guy do with his M&Ms? Eat them.
What do you call a boomerang that doesn't work? A stick.
Why can't Michael Jackson play chess? He's dead.
A lion walks into a bar... Several people get up and leave predicting the impending danger at hand.
What is the difference between 10 and 3? 7.

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 06. Dubstep Island

06. Dubstep Island

Reality Twitter

The big cheese studio executive walks into the room and slams his mug of coffee down onto the desk. “We need a new show, people! Ratings are in the toilet! Are we a company of monkeys or professional writers here?” he spits, as the monkey quietly leaves the room. The token blond girl clears her throat and excitedly holds up a pie-chart which has no labels.
“Well sir, we have been brainstorming for the last 32 seconds, and have all come to the conclusion that our viewers have real lives, yet they don’t actually enjoy these real lives at all. They need someone to live a real life for them in order to give them a sense of existence. And that’s why we believe there is not enough Reality TV on our network.” She smiles at her superior smugly until she realises that he is waiting for her to continue, and so she abruptly sits down. The rest of the suits fidget nervously.
“Reality TV?” the boss questions. “You mean... like, Survivor? I like Survivor.”
The room notices the sparkle in his eye and recognize this as the sign to strike. Slowly they begin to clap as if their leader had come up with the idea himself. He beams with pride for a second, and then raises his hands to quieten them down.
“This is going smashingly well,” he informs the table. “But we need a better angle. Our current age demographic consists of mid-40 housewives and hospital patients. We need something that the kids can relate to. What... do kids like?”
The room falls silent and nervous. Except for Brad, none of them had kids, and even his son had died at a young age from neglect. None of them knew what it was like to be a child. Jennifer wasn't even a child at birth.
The tension is unbearable until the new guy Willie clears his throat and everyone turns to him. “Don’t they like... uhm, dubstep, or something?”
Silence again. A few mumbles here and there, and then a huge roar as everyone realises that this is it. This is what all the children like these days. It was definitely what all the children like. They had all said so on the internets.
“Yes! Yes, dubstep!” the boss shouts as everyone stands up and dances. “This was my best idea yet! We should take all the biggest dubstep DJs and put them on an island! Just like Survivor! I like Survivor!”
Everyone cheers and Craig pops a mini bottle of champagne that he had hidden in his sock. Jennifer starts to make out with Sarah and a few of the surrounding men get their cocks out, ready for a full fledged orgyfest, until Nolan shouts “WAIT!”
They all pause, confused. How dare this junior interrupt their fun time? They would have insulted him right there too, except they could see in his eyes that he had an idea.
“What if... instead of putting this on TV... we put the whole thing on Twitter..?” And in that moment, the boss' head grew purple and exploded. It was the greatest thing he had ever heard in his life.
Please Note: Dubstep Island is currently on a midseason break, so I have no idea when it will return.

Recent Tweets
Skrillex is soaked after trying to use lily pads to traverse a pond "like in computer games."
Every time Squarepusher tries to play slap bass, a herd of goats approaches and stares at him menacingly through the trees.
The islanders gather round to watch two dogs having sex. "Which one is the boy?" asks James Blake.
Missing his iPad, Diplo makes a catapult and starts firing dead birds at Deadmau5's pet wild pig. "Why won't it burst? WHY WON'T IT BURST?"
Kode9 finds the source of the island's mysterious power, but it turns out to be anticlimactic and leaves several key plot points unresolved

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 05. PreSchool Gems

05. Preschool Gems

Aw Cute, Children Words

If someone like my mom, for example, suddenly woke up and worked out what the internet was, joining Twitter in the process, I’d block her immediately. I'd tell her I didnt know what she was talking about. But if she asked me what accounts she should follow, I might have a hard time pointing her in any safe direction. You see, for me Twitter is one endless stream of sex jokes mixed amongst a bunch of people I am afraid to unfollow because then they may unfollow me back. It’s a numbers game. But every now and then, I have come across something which spans all age groups and humour lines, and those are the ones you should follow, Mum. I’m impressed I managed to stick to the topic there.
Kids say the darndest things, right? And that’s the premise of Leslie McCollom’s account, where she (as a preschool teacher) hears these cute little quotes on a daily basis and then Tweets them for the rest of us who don’t want children. Hell, she even made a book out of it, which means she is EXPLOITING these poor kids for MONEY, and they probably don’t have enough smarts to even understand the concept, proving once again that children are STUPID and adults are FUCKING CLEVER.

Recent Tweets
"I looked in the mirror and saw one of my intestines!"
"I don't want to go to outer space because it's too dark for me!"
"I'm a zebra fairy, and zebra fairies do LOTS of gymnastics."
"I just went poop and then all my clothes fell off."
"Purpose things happen."

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 04. Every Tweet Ever

04. Every Tweet Ever

Social Networking In General

“I don’t get Twitter. Is it just like Facebook status updates, except shorter?” - ever heard this one? I said it once myself, until I discovered that if you roasted Twitter over an open flame, mixed it with a bit of water and then shot it directly into your vein, it became quite addictive after all. I’m physically dependent on it to be honest, but it’s such a social(network)ly accepted drug, that nobody seems to judge its users. Thank God! They took away my heroin and my child, but they will never get my Twitter!
But the sad fact is that there is a lot of crap out there, generally from the schmucks who treat Twitter like it is Facebook and post about their goddamn boring lives as if anyone gives a fuck. How do these people even have followers?? Some of them have more followers than me! Am I maybe missing the point? No, I have a better idea. Let's unfollow all of those people. Each one of those gym-attending-attention-seeking-dinner-posting-relationship-whining fucks. Just unfollow them like it ain’t no thang. Then, follow this account. Because it is every single one of those types rolled into one cliché and compact ball of unimaginative blahhh. Each Tweet will set off the disaster alarm that you’ve heard it somewhere before, but you can relax in the knowledge that it was meant in irony, and irony is funny. Go on. Make Twitter a better place. Don’t encourage mediocrity. Streamline your life. Kill your friends.

Recent Tweets
Women are one way. Men are another! I am so lonely.
#ff people who seem to have forgotten about me maybe this will work hi hi hi
Thanks for helping me get to that milestone follower count, everyone. You all mean that much less to me now, percentage-wise.
My significant other just did the sweetest thing! I'm so lucky, and you're not.

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 03. who is dubstep

03. who is dubstep

Demystifying the World Wide Wub

We live in confusing times. In modern society, it’s hard to find answers to our complicated questions. If only we had an advanced tool which could scour through the endless content living on the internet. Why hasn’t anyone invented some kind of an engine like this yet, which could effortlessly search the web? It’s actually unbelievable that this doesn’t exist, there is probably a lot of money in that idea. But instead, we are left to ask these nagging questions to the universe itself, such as: is Gangnam Style dangerous? Is Nicki Minaj a real person? And most importantly - who is dubstep?
Thankfully, one very clever fella has taken it upon himself to investigate the latter. At first he may seem like an ordinary guy who works at London Shoe Express, but do not be fooled by his misspelt ramblings - this kid has some real deep thoughts. Sometimes his thoughts run so deep that he can ask 3 substantial questions in just one Tweet, and I don’t think anyone can call that average. And while his main focus revolves around who dubstep may be, it is not limited to this whatsoever. All I can say is that you are probably not prepared to have your third eye opened to the mysteries of smartphones or Tesco ham quite like this - no one could be. But if you are as clever as me, you might relate, and even if you feel overwhelmed, at least you know that you are not alone on this big scary planet.

Recent Tweets
who invented lol
instead of webcams grandad says they use to draw pictures of himself and fax them and it took a month to get there
if i cuold be any geogrphical feature id be a hill
which synth has the best wifi
what did the lfo say to the drum machine can you help im trying to become dubstep comedian but cant think of a punchline

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 02. Free Facts

02. Free Facts

The Best Things In Life Are Powerful

One thing Twitter has enough of, is PEOPLE. A close second would be Fact Accounts. I follow a few, and they generally help my day to day depression with the weird and wonderful happenings from around the world, which I may not have otherwise known about (even if so many of them just source wikipedia).
But Free Facts is different. Not only is it 100% free (!!) unlike all those other paid-for Twitter accounts, but it also always posts the most amazing and genuine facts in the world - to the point that I wonder how many scholars use it to complete all their homework and then become the life of the party. I know I do. What’s more, they also run a tumblr account where each of these mind blowing facts are accomonied with a proper relevant image and shit. How the fuck is this free?? Somebody is losing money here, surely.

Recent Tweets
Tony Robbins can convince himself to have an orgasm
Racism officially ended in 1982
For centuries humans were too stupid to invent computers
Jewish people believe that everything in the universe is made of pudding
The world slowly gets more futuristic

10 People You Have To Follow On Twitter: 01. Gus the Fox

01. Gus The Fox

bit of a cunt, really.

When I first moved to London, I figured everything would be cool. Coming from South Africa, I finally felt safe. I was sick of people stabbing me in the morning with AIDS infested knives whilst I was trying to get into my car. I was bored of sleeping on the pavement when the cops beat the shit out of me and I couldn’t see through my bloodied eyes to get home. London seemed like the dream place: a first world paradise where hot girls had bad teeth and the sun only came 4 days a year. But I had no idea...
Within the first week, it happened. I walked out my front door in my dressing gown, eating my All-Bran, when I nearly vomited. My trash had been torn to shreds. Chicken bones and used condoms and cum tissues were strewn all over the street in a random fashion. My mouth opened to scream but only the cereal fell out, and I looked to my old lady neighbour in shock. She just nodded slowly. “Foxes,” she said. “You better clean this mess up.” Fucking foxes mate! They are the worst! And now they are using Twitter? We are losing the battle!!!

Recent Tweets
A centipede just strolled out of the end of my penis like it's the most natural thing in the world. Fuck off mate. I'm not a bloody hotel.
Just found a white dog turd. Nice little blast from the past.
Just accidentally pissed in my own face.
Trapped inside a bin, whimpering. Every time someone comes and tries to help me I bite their hand because I'm a dick.
Had a dream last night about a hen with a really long ponytail. It was fucking long. I woke up in floods of tears.

The inevitable time has come to say goodbye. Don't pout, darling, it's unattractive. Rather just keep going and read something else on my site. There is enough material and my jokes are really really funny. Especially if you ignore the fact that I am stranded in my own insecurities and desperately hungry for attention. I don't think there is anything wrong with that, for I am sure one day I will grow up into something special. Maybe I'll understand the entire universe. Maybe all of its wobbly vibrations will make total sense to me and no one else. Perhaps the general unknowns of vast existence will only become apparent to a chosen few, and I will be one of those. But for now, you can just fuck right off, basically.
Did you like my conclusion? Did you? Did you see what I did there? Each sentence was based on one of the above Twitter accounts! In order! Yes! I'm so clever! But in all seriousness, you can fuckoff now.

Tuesday 16 October 2012

It's My Birthday

Failed at 27 Club
To the left is the actual cake my work collegaues got me.

Turning 28 was never something I intended to do. Some people freak out when they turn 30 or 40 or some other landmark number, but for me 28 was always the age I never wanted to reach. No doubt for many of you this may seem ridiculous or dramatic, and perhaps in some ways, it is. However, it has been on the forefront of my mind for a long long time, and I’m going to try and get it off my chest right now, before your very eyes.

It becomes a little easier to understand my troubles when you take into consideration that I have been thinking this way from as young as 14 years old. I had recently come across various writings to do with the legendary 27 Club, and had instantly developed an obsession with it. Kurt Cobain was my hero above all heroes, and the romantic spooky aura surrounding that special age which had swallowed up my god was swallowing me up too. Brian Jones. Jim Morrison. Jimi Hendrix. Janis Joplin. It fascinated me that, for some reason, these pioneers and pinnacles of rock music had all passed at such a specific time of their life. Do a little research and you will find there is no other age like this. There is no 26 club. There is no 28 club. And there is a reason for that. So, armed with this new found knowledge, I birthed a plan.

It’s disorientating as to how fast time slips away, and it’s even more disorientating at how glaringly obvious this fact becomes when a birthday is upon us. For as long as I can remember, I was the kid who practiced the Grammy speech in front of the mirror, or had an imaginary interview with Oprah before I went to bed. I know we all did that to some degree, but I still do that every single day, to this day. In my head, my heart and my soul, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that all my dreams would come true. Even before I was a teenager, I would draw pictures or write songs, and I could hear the screaming fans as they marveled at my work, despite the fact no one ever saw those projects. In my drawer right now I could show you hundreds and hundreds of pages worth of comics, short stories, concepts and drawings which I have never shown anyone. I have over 500 songs written that were never recorded and about 6 albums worth of recorded material that (up until recently) nobody had ever even heard. But it didn’t matter to me that I never showed anyone, because I had convinced myself I was a genius and an asset to the art world. It would simply be a crime of fate if I wasn’t discovered.

Reality bites, and it bites harder the older you get. Don't get me wrong, I am fully aware that a large portion of my older friends are sneering at that remark right now. A 28 year old talking about getting old? What could this child who can’t grow a beard and has never had a grey hair possibly know about age? And that’s fair enough. But in my imaginary world, things did start to collapse a bit even by the time I turned 18. Why hasn’t anyone knocked on my door offering me money yet? Where are the screaming girls mugging me outside my house? Slowly but surely, the weight of it all began to solidify in my mind. This wasn’t going to just happen. I was going to have to do something about it.

When I turned 24 and I moved to London, it hit me as hard as the plane’s wheels hit the tarmac. It was almost in that instant that I realised I was not going to get anywhere if I kept creating art in a world inside my head. It was great to already be a superstar in my mind, but ultimately useless when no one else was granted access. I freaked out. From that day in August 2008, I frantically did as much as I could, and if you look at what I did, it’s quite a lot. I made a facebook group that clocked more than a 1000 people before getting shut down; I started an art website which hosted work from more than 40 artists; I made a website to meet Lily Allen and succeeded; I started this very blog website which I still regularly update with 12 substantial posts a year (more substantial than your blog posts anyway); I joined a 6 man film crew who have put out 18 videos to date; and I released a 4 track EP of songs, each with their own cartoon music video. This was all done while holding down a 9-5 job, and over the space of a mere 4 years. One can always work harder, but I worked pretty hard. I was trying to make up for lost time, because while my entire life had changed, one thing had not: I needed to be something. I needed to be something bigger than what I already was. I wanted to be discovered and recognized.

But with turning 28, for the first time in my life, a dream did not and can not come true. I guess it is a rare case, being the only major dream I had with a time limit and all, but it’s a failed dream all the same. I wanted to get famous before 28, and then die. I wanted to join the ranks of Brian and Jim and Jimmy and Janis and Kurt and, yes, even Amy. I never once doubted that this was going to happen, until recently when reality bit, and as of today it is impossible. All the countless years I spent researching the topic; all the essays I wrote and pictures I drew; all the material items I purchased on the subject... are now pointless. Because you can’t be a 28 year old obsessed with The 27 Club. That would be sad.

It’s at this point that I warn you I have no idea where I am going with this. I started to write down my thoughts in hope that I might work something out. It was a reflection piece to try and make sense of how miserable I have been feeling over the last few days. I have attempted to speak to people in person about it, but they can’t seem to grasp the concept that I am literally unhappy because I am not dead. They fail to see the importance of the whole thing. Yes, I am grateful for my life, and yes, I am sure staying alive will be beneficial in the long run. But I just lost a fucking dream. A big one. It’s gone. And I don’t feel any better now that I’ve put it to paper.

However, I am a trained optimist, and there are some silver linings (as there always will be). For starters, age means nothing to me from here on out. My life’s thought process has always revolved around being dead by now, so ages like 30 or 40 or above don’t scare me. If I’m older than 27, then I’m not 28 or 29 or 42 or 56. I’m just older than 27. And as I used to tell my friends: I will either die at 27, or I will live forever. I guess that can be my new obsession. It’s a fairly common one.

The other silver lining is that I feel less desperate now. Whether you achieve a dream or you don’t, the result are much the same. You stop trying to achieve it. I can’t go back in time, and so I have to gracefully accept that God fucked me once again, and watch this dream shatter. It is the first dream I have ever watched shatter, and it hurts, but it does lift a lot of pressure off of my future. I no longer have a deadline. I no longer have to panic about reaching a certain plateau before a certain time. Now I can just forget about myself and grow old with everyone else. Like the normal person I never wanted to be. It fucking sucks, but what can I honestly do? Suggestions?

In closing, I’d like to say that this is the worst birthday of my life. Thanks for reading.

Wednesday 3 October 2012

This Is Not Consensual

Too Much Cocaine?
Alright children, settle down, we have a lot to get through today. I SAID FUCKING SETTLE DOWN. Please may I direct your attention to the following:

Since the last time we spoke, two of my best writings this year were swiftly posted among these very pages. In case you missed them, allow me to inform you what they were:

The Top 50 Greatest Albums Ever (according to me)
As the introduction for this massive body of work suggested, I started this blog a long time ago (I have found evidence of it existing in August 2011, which in reality means some time before that even) but it was just too big of a task to finish in any reasonable time, so I folded it up and put it away. Until recently. I must say it was one of my most worked on pieces, as I spent a long time perfecting each and every sentence, even reading the whole thing out-loud to myself on one occasion. Some people have said some shit (see the comments) but I am proud of it and it’s racking up a decent amount of hits, so good vibrations all around.

The Triangular Theory Of Love
I actually just posted this short story only seconds ago.
The origins of this piece somewhat started with this recently answered (but very very old) Formspring question. I was challenged to write the most disgusting thing I could muster, and found I just couldn’t do it. So I closed down my account, never to return.
A few months after the fact, however, a small idea hit me about a torturous scene, and I began to play with it in my head whilst I played with myself. But after the huge Top 50 Albums Of 2011 Reinterpreted as Short Stories fiasco, I was all short-storied out. I was also a bit sick of how all my stories seemed to end up (i.e: everyone dies and it’s fucking miserable). That’s when I got the idea to write a children’s story with more friendly characters and some kind of a moral. That seemed much more interesting to me.
And then I got the best idea of all: to merge these two stories... INTO ONE STORY! OMG! INSTANT ERECTION WHICH IS STILL GOING TO THIS DAY!
I knew I was onto something, but it was still a big task, and as a result I worked on it since like January, I think. But this was by no means a painful task, and it pretty much wrote itself (as all good writing should). Fast forward to now, here it is, by far the greatest short story (or anything) I have ever written. I am so goddamn proud of it. I don’t care that it’s super long, because books are super long and no one complains. I don’t care that less than 10 people will read it, because I’ve read it, and you are missing out. I don’t care that I sound conceited, because I am in love with it.
On a quick side note, I want to point out that (as per usual) I struggled to name the characters, so I used the facebook method once again, and here is proof of that:

How I Named The Characters In My Short Story: Triangular Theory of Love

So don’t blame me if you don’t like it, blame fate.
Finally (and probably the biggest news to do with all of this) it does means Formspring is open once again for business. I still have 16 or so questions waiting from last year, but they are pretty shit so it won’t take long to mow through them. Ask me stuff kids!

Last time I updated this news thingie, I spoke about how I wanted to chill out for the rest of 2012, but fuck me, I just can’t seem to do that. Something is wrong with me. The evidence is in the fact that I am attempting (ATTEMPTING) to write 4 more articles before the end of the year, which is hectic because it’s October. The first one will come out at the end of this month, the second one, next month. If that doesn’t happen though, I am so fucking sorry, pay me. Then in December there will The Top 50 Albums Of 2012, According to Me (which is chill because I have already written bits about 59 worthy entries) and Dear 2012. I hope this is satisfactory. If not, try these:

Yet another Funpowder video has cropped up which Kris mostly put together, which goes by the name of Nuestra Casa Summer Boat Party 2012. People seem to love this shit, so you might as well take a look yourself.
From here, there will be a new video at the end of the month especially designed for Halloween. Please don’t think I am joking when I say I am beyond afraid of it coming out. It could very well be the last thing you ever see of me due to some very serious consequences, you will see. But whatever, what’s the meaning of life anyway? Anyone?
Otherwise, not too sure. Talk of a documentary, talk of a music video, talk of sex, talk of drugs, talk of a bunch of shit that has nothing to with anything. Regardless, as 2012 wraps itself up, I think we can all be very satisfied with FPP. Handshakes and back-pats for all involved.

Literally just yesterday, fellow Funpowder Plotter The Freewheelin' Troubadour asked me to play a gig at a farewell party he is organizing. I was totally against it, but he has a way with words and managed to convince me. The only issue is that it's this fucking friday! So if you don't have plans yet - please come! Should be interesting.
Otherwise, I am adamant that there will be 2 new songs released before the end of 2012, completely unrelated and very different to The White EP (which is what I am officially calling it now). It will be a single called I Sold Out (which is exactly what it sounds like), as well as a b-side which will be a cover song that I’m not telling you about just yet. The instrumentals are 90% done and discussions about recording vocals are taking place, I think. I expect a late November/early December release. Don’t get too excited, it’s crap.
After which, I literally have a 4-5 year plan for this project, which includes a total of 3 full-lengths; 3-4 EPs; 2-3 Singles; a comic book and a game. I won’t go into too much detail, except that after the I Sold Out single, I will be focusing on releasing The Black EP (which is what I am officially calling the sequel to the last EP now) in 2013, and then all work will go towards the temporarily named “Loop Project”. This is very exciting. I will be creating 16 loops very quickly, and then will pick the best 8. Those chosen ones will each be turned into full songs, and from that I will pick the best 4 and make an EP out of them. The remaining 4 will go onto a b-side EP or something. Either way, it’s guaranteed to be awesome, because duh.

Anyways, that is all from me. Back to the basement, check you okes later.

The Triangular Theory of Love


So sorry to do this, but the short story you are looking for has been removed! How shit is that?

Do not fear! If you want to read it, you still can! Simply download my book This Is Your Brain On Drugs (featuring many other very delicious bits I wrote) from good old Amazon Kindle!