Tuesday 29 November 2022

Why Selfishness is Regressive

I Read The Corpus Hermeticum So You Don't Have To (Hermeticism)
Prompted by Adam as part of the VIP Janthopoyism Bible package.

Ignoring that you've never seen one before, please picture an atom the best you can. The infinities of its powers are unknown as it tightly locks its secrets in an impossibly small world of inaccessibility. However, we can agree without much debate that it's the collection of like-atoms that bring about their influence. With enough grouped particles, all four fundamental states arrive into being (solid, liquid, gas, and plasma). As a result, the entirety of the Universe moves forward via this collaborative effort.

Atoms are the raw substance you are made of, from the bits of skin you shed every day to the electrical signals that spark between your neurological synapses, triggering thoughts, identifying yourself with yourself. Your brain is nothing but a conglomerate of these almost indistinguishable specks, and yet together, they create the most powerful organ known to humans. Still, what is a brain without the rest of the body? The atoms that construct the digestive tract to nourish your inner mechanics. The atoms that construct the lungs to draw oxygen into your cells. The atoms that construct the heart to pump blood, distributing that oxygen to keep the brain operational. And the atoms that construct the limbs which the mind can puppeteer to perform crucial tasks. Only in unity can these separate pieces of the anatomy manage a comfortably fulfilling life, relying on one another to do their job and forming the complete Homo sapien animal we recognise today.

For some reason, this model of systems built upon systems ends here for so many. The mind has no problem grasping the complexities of combined particles and tissues accomplishing singular units, yet when it reaches its individual perception, it snags on a ceiling manufactured by its ego. From this point upward, they're on their own. They're responsible for their life without much regard for those who do not bring benefit. It’s a line of thinking as miserable as it is ludicrous. If any organ adopted this approach, the body would soon perish. When a cell decides to behave independently, the consequences are cancerous.

Our society depends on humans satisfying specific roles, but we must look beyond the apparent chain of capitalist trade to find genuine value. For certain people to revel in excessive affluence while others suffer in poverty is akin to a robust set of kidneys next to a bad case of appendicitis. It only takes a single component to fail for the creature to fall. Instead, we must drop our outdated dog-eats-dog mentality and level the playing field so that every person has equal opportunity. With the right potential, the most skilled doctors, scientists, and artists will not entirely be found within the upper class. That is statistically implausible. For the better of the human race, we must view our species as a unit, no longer selfishly hoarding assets in fear but allocating favourable circumstances fairly, as this will ultimately enhance the collective and evolve us forward.

Once we manage this feat, we will conquer our egos, and our progression of thought will be infinite. First, the unification of the humans, then the humans with the Earth, then the Earth with our solar system, then our solar system with the galaxy, until we eventually identify ourselves for what we truly are: mere minute instruments, like atoms, functioning within the greatest superorganism of all. The assemblage of absolutely everything. The entire Universe as One Supreme Being.