Wednesday 25 March 2015

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II)

(according to me)

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II)
You know, it has been over four years since part one of this very article, and oh my, how the world has changed! The feminist movement has surged forward and become one of the biggest topics of recent times, producing a special sort of caution within the male population. What are we allowed to say? Who are we allowed to look at? What physical aspect of a woman are we allowed to marvel over? Where is the goddamn rulebook?

Which is why I was hesitant to write this sequel article. When the original first came out, it was hugely popular, mainly because boys are very horny, but also because the general public was a lot more chilled at that point. Does this lax attitude towards worshipping skin beauty still apply to our modern day society? Would such a blog piece only prove to perpetuate the reputation that I, as a man, was treating girls as objects rather than appreciating them on levels of intelligence or skill sets? Am I part of the problem where magazine covers judge females for superficial factors and support the concept of some unrealistic body type? Once again, I can’t seem to find this rulebook.

In the end, I decided to proceed for reasons of respect. You see, we are all born with different qualities, and one cannot deny that looking good is a quality within itself. Perhaps I don’t agree with the practice of setting ridiculous standards which distort females' self body images, but I do support pretty things, and as a heterosexualish male, I refuse to fight the instinct which tells me that these following girls are prime examples of what I enjoy on a natural level. Perhaps one day I will write a list of The Smartest Girls Ever, but for now, I feel the hotness topic encourages a lot more hits, and so I have just successfully justified it to myself to write this: a list of the female celebrities I drool over right now, for all the wrong reasons. Still, this is the stupidest blog I've written in a long time, and I am also very sorry they are generally white blondes. I am blatantly a big fat shallow racist.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 20. Gwyneth Paltrow

20. Gwyneth Paltrow

“I’d rather smoke crack than eat cheese from a tin.”

I decided to start off this list with something sweet and simple. For here is the type of girl you’d bring home to mama, confident that Paltrow would be very polite and chew with her mouth closed and laugh at your dad's jokes even if they weren’t that funny. And then maybe at some point during this hypothetical dinner, you’d casually slip in the fact that your date once won an Oscar for Shakespeare in Love and has also had the penises of Brad Pitt, Ben Affleck, and Chris Martin inside of her. I dunno, would my mother want to know that? Probably. But regardless, there does seem to be something super healthy about Gwyneth, like she smells of fruit salad and doesn't age badly, as if she holds the secret to eternal beauty, or perhaps is the secret to eternal beauty, how would I know? I’m no witch doctor, but I would like to be one some day.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 19. Emilia Clarke

19. Emilia Clarke

“After my last audition for 'Game of Thrones,' they said, 'Congratulations, princess.' I was like, 'Bye-bye, call centre.'”

Daenerys Targaryen! Daenerys Targaryen herself! She's so bad ass! She has dragons and an army and shit! But she’s all fair to the people like! She deserves an award! Somebody give this girl the goddamn throne already! She is so hot I’d shout obscene things at her just so she’d stab me and I’d die satisfied that for a moment she registered my existence! Game of Thrones is based on a true story! George R.R. Martin is a figment of your imagination! I really hope no one reads these stupid articles! At least the pictures are cool! Call me, Emilia!

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 18. Selena Gomez

18. Selena Gomez

“My perfect guy wears converse, is totally laid back, and doesn't worry about being cool.”

I'm not really too sure what this is about, but around a year or so ago, I irrationally fell in love with Selena. I like her music a lot, but it’s a little bit too sugary to admit this to my friends. She has been involved with a load of film and TV appearances, but none of these were particularly memorable (except for perhaps Spring Breakers, which might have been where this trouble started). And while there is no denying she is a looker, she’s not exactly your stereotypical hot, more like a cute troll above a sex symbol. So why exactly is she here? Well, I have thought about this long and hard, and figured that Belieberism is a sexually transmitted disease, and as she has slept with Justin Bieber, she probably got a huge dose of the semen virus from the source penis, and in some way my suppressed desire to fuck Justin has manifested in my adoration for Gomez. It’s a legit problem, look it up.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 17. Nina Persson

17. Nina Persson

“We're not troubled at all, but I think... well, we're Scandinavians! We're Vikings and we have a lot of blackness in our souls.”

What’s better than a hot rockstar girl? NOTHING. Which is why the singer for one of my favourite bands ever, The Cardigans, ticks every box with her box, from her disinterested attitude, to her talented genre-bending melodies, to her 15 million albums sold worldwide. Furthermore, her name is an anagram of “Insane Porns”, which blatantly has nothing to do with anything except for perhaps some subconscious level where I am suddenly very turned on all the time. Basically, I'm just trying to fulfil my word quota here, this isn't an easy blog to write.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 16. Sky Ferreira

16. Sky Ferreira

“I hate when people call me a socialite because you have to have money to be a socialite, which I don't have.”

The Kinderwhore fashion scene has kinda faded out, and that sucks. I enjoy it when a girl looks like she is about to die from an overdose of intravenous drug use while she stinks of Jack Daniels and gets into fist fights with boys. I just want to help them! I just want to help myself to them! Anyway, Sky’s music doesn’t really get me hard, but when she shows her nipple on her album cover and gets arrested for heroin possession, then I want to give her all my money just to watch her destroy herself and become the next Courtney Love. She’s probably doing fine though, I don’t know her personally, I just read some things.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 15. Jodie Foster

15. Jodie Foster

“I was never the ingenue or the pretty girlfriend of Tom Cruise in a movie. I didn't have that career, so I don't have to compete on that level.”

It’s hard to say this without sounding a bit paedophilic, but I honestly first felt something for Jodie in the 1976 Scorsese film Taxi Driver, when Foster was only 13 years old. She played a child prostitute and performed the role so well that my whole view on acting as an art form changed whilst I watched that dialogue scene between her and De Niro at the diner. And I wasn’t alone, as her appearance in this film and various others (like The Accused, The Silence of the Lambs, and Nell) went on to earn her two Oscars, three Baftas, two Golden Globes, and a stalker by the name of John Hinckley, Jr who shot U.S. President Ronald Reagan just to get her attention. Jokes on you though, Hinckley. Jodie likes girls.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 14. Grimes

14. Grimes

“I feel like vocals are to music what portraits are to painting. They're the humanity. Landscapes are good and fine, but at the end of the day everyone loves the Mona Lisa.”

The thing about Grimes is that she doesn’t really seem human. She seems more like a pixie or a fairy with her wings plucked off or maybe a sound rather than an actual physical being. You'd almost expect to stumble across her in a forest yet she wouldn't even notice you because she's too busy dancing around covered in nothing but tinfoil. And then you'd try to touch her, but your hand goes straight through because she is made out of mist and naturally this is related to that acid trip you took whilst listening to her ethereal Visions album. Ah, lame, not again. But what a fucking album!

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 13. Juno Temple

13. Juno Temple

“For a woman, body image is always a palpable thing. Weirdly, for me, the only time I don't care is when I'm in character.”

Very often when it comes to falling for celebrities, we base our affection not on the human themselves, but rather the characters they play—which makes sense because we generally don’t know them whatsoever and have to make shit up for our alone time fantasies. And this is the case for Juno Temple, or rather, Dottie Smith, the ditsy little sister in the film Killer Joe. Her carefree childlike nature and spacey innocence worked very well within the context of one very messed up movie, especially the part when she gets completely naked and then is fucked from behind by Matthew McConaughey. I liked that. I think that might have been the point where I took notice, actually. Regardless, she is undeniably beautiful, talented, has starred in various other A-Class projects you may of heard of (The Dark Knight Rises, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Maleficent, some other stuff), which makes me feel funny things in funny places :(

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 12. Naomi Watts

12. Naomi Watts

“You won't find me in a romantic comedy. Those movies don't speak to me. People don't come to talk to me about those scripts, because they probably think I'm this dark, twisted, miserable person.”

Age is but a number when you’re as lonely as me, but thanks to the internet, we can admire Naomi throughout the years at whatever age you like. It was back when she was just over 30 years young in the Lynch classic Mulholland Drive when I first laid eyes upon this beautiful human being and even though the film itself made me feel uncomfortable, I was still pretty stoked that she was there to see me through to the end. As time has gone on, she has starred in plenty of other decent flicks, was nominated for Oscars, and has done a lot for AIDS research, but most importantly of all—even more important than AIDS prevention—is that Watts has aged very well, even her smile-wrinkles having some weird sophisticated sex appeal to them. I’d love to cook her a meal, is what I am saying. Converse about animal rights. Observe her table manners. Accidentally brush her finger as I hand her a napkin. I am a simple man with simple thoughts.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 11. Kitty

11. Kitty

“I don't care how long it takes to get you after me. I wrote our names on my binder and everybody laughed at me.”

At the young age of only 22, there is something so attractive about a girl who goes viral, don't you think? What’s more, she acts her age (or perhaps even younger), coming across all awkward in front of the camera whilst singing creepy love songs about a guy she is crushing on who doesn’t like her back (Ay Shawty 3.0), or her distant lovings via dating websites (Okay Cupid), or even her unhealthy obsession with Bieber (JUSTIN BIEBER​!​!​!​!​!), which is just great. And with such a unique ooze of desperation flowing from some proper talent, I almost get the impression I have a chance with this girl. Seriously, Kitty, hit me up, we can cycle around the park or smoke weed through glass bongs or whatever you children are up to these days.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 10. Valeria Lukyanova

10. Valeria Lukyanova

“My communication with aliens is not verbal—we speak the language of light.”

I’m pretty fucked up so I like weird shit, and Ukraine’s Valeria is really really fucked up weird shit. Known better as the 'Human Barbie', she has taken it upon herself to look like a toy doll, and has done quite well on this mission. What’s even more fucking strange, is that she claims to have achieved her look without any surgery (sans a boob job) and credits her success to a diet called inedia, which excludes any food and even sometimes water. Did I mention she actively opposes interracial relationships and apparently talks to aliens while she travels on spiritual plains? Because she seriously says shit like that. I’d still date her though, just to see the look on my parents’ faces. Hide the scissors, mum!

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 9. Ellen Page

9. Ellen Page

“There's obviously a lot of tragedy in comedy; I really enjoy the paradox of what a really good comedy is.”

I had this dream once where me and Ellen hooked up, and ever since then I couldn’t get the cuteness of her face out of my head. I wanted to be the Michael Cera to her Juno, impregnate her and then marvel over our amalgamated genetics. I wanted to be the Joseph Gordon-Levitt to her Ariadne, kissing her in Fischer's inception just because it was worth a shot. I wanted be the Jeff Kohlver to her Hayley Stark, and totally surrender to her convincing argument that I should kill myself in Hard Candy. But then, of course, she came out as a lesbian, and all of my brilliant plans were completely shattered. I’m still quite depressed about it to be honest. That said, I do have long hair, so you never know. Optimism is one of my stronger points.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 8. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

8. Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

“I want to spread the word of kawaii to the rest of the world—I want to see it embraced by everybody.”

Not traditionally hot, but fuck tradition, as Japanese pop star Kyary is just the unconventional kind of fascinating which drips candy into my eyeballs and then solidifies my gaze in her direction, complete with enough costume changes and make up tricks to turn Gaga into a piece of bread. And this freaks my penis out. Still, she is adorable to the max with the right type of hyper music to seal the deal, her whole presentation seemingly edible but definitely toxic, which wouldn't even stop me. If you are going to YouTube anybody on this list, I would recommend Kyary Pamyu Pamyu as the the most exciting choice for you.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 7. Carey Mulligan

7. Carey Mulligan

“I never get recognised here in London, which I like. Once a year, someone comes up to me and asks if I am 'so-and-so's niece' because they think they recognise me from somewhere. I like that.”

There is this weird aspect about Carey, that when I look at photos of her, it doesn’t quite do it for me. She’s cute enough, sure, but her appeal won't translate into a static image properly—it simply doesn’t do her justice. The girl needs to move! Which brings me to my next question: have you seen Drive yet? Oh my fuck! I can’t even remember that film because I was so busy pausing and rewinding it every time she came onto my screen. It wasn’t even a masturbation thing, it was a crying thing, yearning for her so hard that I broke up with my girlfriend immediately afterwards and then called in sick to work until they fired me. Which, in hindsight, was really stupid. Fuck you Carey. Fuck your perfect face, seriously.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 6. Taylor Swift

6. Taylor Swift

“All you need to do to be my friend is like me.”

The thing about Taylor is that she is not real. If I was ever to believe in the whole Reptilians/Illuminati taking over the world thing, it would be because of Ms Swift. This is not only because she is perfect at looking, but also perfect at life, a cold clinical response to all interview questions whilst hiding any true emotions behind a smile which always seems a little too knowledgable and a haircut that never falls out of place. Furthermore, her success as a musician (winning seven Grammys, twelve Billboard Music Awards, selling over 40 million copies worldwide, standing in the top five selling digital artists ever, etc) proves that she cannot possibly be human and has had some sort of alien intervention because she’s only 25 years old and nobody like this could possibly exist. Did I mention she always hides her belly button? Why though? I already told you. Aliens.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 5. Cara Delevingne

5. Cara Delevingne

“I treat the camera like a person—I gaze into it. Photos are a flat thing, and you need to put life into them.”

I don’t actually know what to write about this girl. She’s a model, which makes sense, because her skin is blatantly made out of clouds and her features are obviously Photoshopped by Jesus himself. She apparently does some acting and some singing too, but I didn’t hear what I just said because all I can think about is partying with her. If she was like “here, do this line of cocaine off of my armpit” I’d be like “and how much would that cost me?” And if she was like “drink these 32 shots of tequila mixed with my brother's urine”, I’d be like “I love you”. If she was like “inject this heroine into your ballsack,” I’d be honoured that my genitals were in her presence. And if she was like “pour this ketamine into your eye then shove this straw down your peehole and let me blow into it,” I’d be like “no, that’s fucked up Cara, what the fuck is wrong with you.” But I would still be her mate, though.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 4. Emma Stone

4. Emma Stone

“I was a good-looking kid. I never felt, like, dorky. I was just like, 'Yup, these are my braces. I've had them forever.'”

Emma was one of them sneaky girls who I had come across a few times without even noticing the depth of her eyes completely eradicating my large intestine. She bounced onto my screen with Superbad, Zombieland, Easy A, Friends with Benefits, and Crazy, Stupid, Love, yet I was oblivious, aware she was cute, granted, but unaware that there was a tumour growing inside my pancreas in the shape of her own name. However, it was during a trailer (of all things) for her Academy Award nominated performance in Birdman where I choked on my popcorn and promptly stood up, announcing to the world that I would not be happy until I married Emma Stone. And then some dickhead behind shouted at me, informing my dreams that Emma was already fucking Spiderman and I must sit down, this is a cinema for fucks sake. So I sat down. But I was making plans.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 3. Zooey Deschanel

3. Zooey Deschanel

“The Internet's like one big bathroom wall with a lot of people who anonymously can say really mean things. It's fine, I believe in freedom of speech and I think people should think what they want, but I don't care to hear it.”

I, like most, watched in horror as my radar shook and threatened to shatter when I first started watching the hilarious television series New Girl. But even if this was the catalyst, it was not my initial introduction to the lady. I had seen Almost Famous, I had seen (500) Days of Summer, and I had seen the music video for Offspring’s She’s Got Issues. However, it was the character of Jess specifically who stole my heart, her quirky clumsy doe-eyed personality seemed to exuberate bubbles of joy from her bang hairstyle, and I decided I would spend the rest of my life following her. On Twitter. I hate her music.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 2. Margot Robbie

2. Margot Robbie

“I love flying so much. I even like airplane food. No one bothers you and your phone never goes off and you can't have emails go through. It's undisturbed.”

Despite having heaps of success with the Australian soap Neighbours, I don’t watch that crap and ran straight into Margot’s face like a sexy brick structure during the excellent Scorsese film The Wolf of Wall Street. It was like a professional martial artist had mugged me of all my everything, her very presence chosen for that exact reason, an excess of saliva flooding my mouth and nearly choking me to death as it did so. And then a few moments later, she was completely naked and it was one of those moments where I loathed myself because I knew that even if I got half a chance, I would blow it by saying something idiotic and then crying before I ran away to kill myself.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II): 1. Grace Kelly

1. Grace Kelly

“Getting angry doesn't solve anything.”

All bow down to Grace Kelly, for she is a princess. Literally. She married Prince Rainier III in 1956, and as a result, became the Princess of Monaco. And this makes sense to me, because I know as an ordinary person that I would not be worthy of a hand so glamorous, and totally support the unity, even if her responsibilities of a political nature meant she had no time to continue her fantastic acting career (which included some of Hitchcock’s greatest works complete with Oscar nominated performances—even winning one once!). Sadly, she died of a stroke-related car accident when she was 52, more than likely because God is selfish and wanted to spend some time with her, in full knowledge he was not capable of creating anything better. Without a doubt, she is the most beautiful woman to have ever lived, and I will die alone because of it.


I love all girls the same, for realsies.

10 Reasons Why 10 is My Favourite Number

(1) 10 is the first double digit number in the whole entire Universe.
(2) 10 is the base of the decimal numeral system, most likely due to our 10 fingers.
(3) My name is Jared Woods. It's 10 letters long.
(4) J is the 10th letter of the alphabet.
(5) I was born on the 16th of October 1984 (16/10/94). October is the 10th month of the year.
(6) Back to 16/10/84: remove previous 10, and you’re left with 16/84. 16 + 84 = 100 = Ten 10s.
(7) In binary, 10 is like saying "yes no".
(8) It has heavy religious connotations (Ten Commandments, ten plagues on Egypt, Ten Martyrs in Jewish liturgy, ten generations between Noah and Abraham, the ten incarnations of Lord Maha Vishnu in Hinduism etc).
(9) It is the name of many music artists’ albums, including but not limited to: LL Cool J, New Kids on the Block, Wet Wet Wet, The Stranglers, Girls Aloud, and Pearl Jam.
(10) Finally, it represents the nature of all life, if you think about it: 1 seemingly phallic (looks like a penis), 0 seemingly yonic (looks like a vagina).

With that, here comes some stuff which is far less interesting: the latest on what’s been going on in my busy little creative life. Enjoy!

Juice Nothing

The 100 Best Songs Of The Decade So Far (2010 - 2014)
December is always the toughest month for my writing schedules, and so traditionally I like to take it easier in January. But, of course, when the above topic covers such a specific time period as this one, you can’t leave it too long before it becomes outdated. So I did the next best thing, and wrote 100 reviews for songs in 140 characters or less, like Twitter! Was a great experiment, a real test to push myself to condense my usual ramblings into a more concentrated length, and personally, I felt it was a success (even if no one else has really said so).

Worst To Best: David Bowie
As the third of my “Worst to Best” series, and the first one to venture into the world music, there could be no worthier candidate than the master of everything, David Bowie. I worked reaaaally hard on this blog, actually the whole of January was spent relistening to all of his albums in chronological order to rate them as such, carefully reviewing each one as I went along. I think it came out great, and a tough contender to beat for my favourite of the year.

20 Hottest Girls Ever (Part II)
Just launched this one, and everything you need to know is in the introduction. To summarise: (1) It is the sequel to my 2010 hit of the same name; (2) It is arguably the dumbest thing I've ever written; and (3) I did it for the hits. Please forgive me.

As per usual, lots of plans, lots of ideas. I have more blogs I wanted to write this year than I could possibly find time for, so everything is going to be ok on this side, don’t you worry.

This Very Blog

Without announcing it whatsoever, I secretly changed the overall design of this very site you’re reading right now, perhaps you noticed? If not, here is a refresher:

Muuuuch better, I’m sure you will agree. Perhaps now I can go back to the redesign of the Juice Nothing home page? Probably not.

Coming Down Happy

Nothing major to really report, except that I have been working damn hard on the Sex is Disgusting EP (there is a studio diary with more details here if you are interested) and it is finally coming together somewhat, to the point that I am actually excited about it for the first time in probably six months. There is a looooong way to go, I’m not even convinced I’ll finish it this year, but who cares? It’s only music.

Related: as I mentioned in the last news update, there is a really huge new section coming to the Coming Down Happy site within the first half of this year. No spoilers, but it’s moving along, looking pretty rad, and is well overdue.

More news about CDH in the FPP section below, scrolly scoll.

The Goat’s Nest

I am 90% sure that the next piece on this blog will be the sequel to The Triangular Theory of Love. It’s pretty much done. Just need a bit of polish and then come the end of April, it’s all yours (hopefully).

Furthermore, I will be on an aeroplane soon (more on that in the conclusion), and as is tradition, I will be starting my next short story on said flight. I guess I might as well tell you that it will be the continuation of Clean Birth.

Finally, This is Your Brain on Drugs, my full length fucking novel thing, is very very close now. There are only one or two illustrations left I think, then just a tiny amount of formatting and other bits and shits to take care of. Honestly, I shouldn’t be working on anything else until this is out, but it seriously could be any month now.

The Funpowder Plot

A new video! And I made it all by myself!
It’s called Valentine’s Day and was part of those “Monthly Projects” I spoke of last news item. The month in question was January, where armed with nothing but crayons and Adobe Flash, I spat this out. I am super stoked with it as was everyone else, and while it didn’t go viral as I always hope, it is still one decent player in the game of Jared, and it’s nice to have contributed to the Plot solo for once.

Besides this, The Freewheelin’ Troubadour is getting married soon and embarking on a massive long tour of the world, which leaves only me, Loose, and Ammr to hold the fort. Ammr himself has become very popular since that Shura video received over eight and a half million hits, and as a result, he has a lot of offers coming in, which should provide some great content for the site.

Of course, this means that the Coming Down Happy video has kinda been pushed back, and it looks like I will be tackling this one all by myself once again, which is good, because CDH was always a DIY thing anyway. Perhaps I may not have the technical genius of my comrades nor the fancy equipment, but I do have ideas and a big plan. I know how to get what I want, and I know how to make it look good. Slowly, this is becoming a priority.


Once again, as part of this “monthly projects” thing I’ve been doing, I started painting with acrylic over Feb, and loved it so much that I kinda let it leak into March. This is what I’ve spat out so far:
Miley Cyrus
Slender Man and Maddie
Goodbye Kitty

For a while, this art form really connected to my life for some reason, and it has been many years since I felt so passionate about an avenue. It’s so therapeutic, at points I didn’t go to parties just because this is what I want to spend my time doing. However, I will be taking a break now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few more appear throughout the year, and perhaps some kind of a big announcement at the end. Yes, I know something you don’t.


It is with a sad heart that I announce our guitarist, Andy, has left us to go live in Bristol. The decision was understood and the whole thing, while shit, happened on good terms. The rest of us spoke about it and decided we wanted to continue, but rather than replace Andy, Milz (previously vocals/violin) has moved to keyboards, and we honestly sound even better in my opinion. We have the workings of about five songs or so, and I actually really like them, which is a rare thing for me. I have had bad band experiences before, but God, I really hope this one at least makes it to some sort of recording/gigging stage. It’s so much fun.

Yup, I think that’s it. Now, as I touched upon earlier, I am off to India from the end of this month ‘til the the 11th of April. I am not sure if this is important, but it may be, as whatever was planned for said time period will obviously get no love whatsoever. I think things will be ok though, because everything always is.

Oh, finally, I have been taking Instagram heaps more cereal these days, so you should follow me! Seriously, please follow me. It gives my life meaning.

Ok bye,