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Is 5G an Evil Weapon Against Our Health?


What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of cellular mobile technology. By building new towers that use higher radio frequencies, they allow for greater bandwidth meaning much faster download speeds. The hope is to eventually hit 10 gigabits per second!

What is the Theory?

There are several.

The first is related to privacy issues and security risks. The Chinese telecommunications company Huawei are dominating the tower-building market due to their cheaper supply costs. Obviously, the authoritarian Chinese government is a concern here as they may use this technology to gather data from other nations via surveillance backdoors. Huawei has been quick to clarify that they are not state-owned but the extent of this is debatable[ref].

Currently, only Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States have fully banned Huawei’s involvement with their 5G installations[ref][ref].

The much meatier theory (and the one this article shall be focusing on) is the worry that this increase in electronic waves has not been tested thoroughly enough and may lead to adverse environmental and human health results.

Some people believe that this is tied into the corona pandemic as immune systems may be weakened and will therefore be at a higher risk. Others believe this is an intentional move by powers high up on the political chain. There are also those who think corona is a hoax to distract us from the rollout.

Where Did the Theories Start?

One could argue that the 5G school of resistance has existed for well over a century.

Electromagnetic radiation waves are used everywhere from microwaves to Xrays to even the sun. The term “radiophobia” was coined in 1903 by Dr Albert Soiland[ref] and was ultimately used to describe a fear of radio waves and their physical effects. Sunburn is the most common and serious health-related radiation problem we face today.

Concerns grew substantially with mobile phones. The World Health Organisation launched the International EMF Project in 1996 and they concluded that the 0-300 GHz range of electromagnetic fields was not a health threat[ref]. However, in 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (another WHO agency) stated that wireless radiation could possibly increase cancer risks[ref]. Some two decades later, there are still no confirmed cases of any health issues caused by our phones[ref].

The fear of electromagnetic radiation has increased in direct correlation to our exposure. The retroactively named 1G was launched in 1979 in Japan at the 150 MHz frequency band. 2G was launched in 1991, most operators using 450 MHz. 3G was introduced in 2001, most commonly at 2,100 MHz and was heavily protested[ref]. 4G was in 2009 at a maximum of 2,700 MHz.

It’s no surprise that 5G is causing a hot debate. We are now looking at a maximum of 300,000 MHz (300 GHz)[ref]! Although, to be fair, it'll more likely be used around the 39 GHz park[ref], but even that is a monumental increase.

What’s more, these higher frequency waves have a much shorter range, meaning a greater density of towers are required to be built. This comes with additional privacy anxieties as your location based on your connection will be much closer to home[ref][ref].

What are the Health Concerns?

There are many health claims with varying degrees of scientific basis, but the central worry-glue is that not enough satisfactory studies have taken place to deem the network safe. After all, the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection had previously set the limit of safe radiation to be at only 6 GHz! Not 300!

Then again, ICNIRP pointed out that these guidelines were written up around 1998 and, in 2020, they adjusted their findings to cater for the 300 GHz[ref].

One particularly stubborn theory points towards the ionizing effects of high-frequency waves that come from x-rays. Ionizing radiation is the detaching of electrons from atoms or molecules which can inflict a myriad of horrid damages to your DNA including cancer and death. However, every reputable study agrees that 5G (and all wireless technologies) are not only non-ionizing[ref][ref][ref][ref] but are also quite far down the spectrum (see this graph put together by SCAMP/Imperial College London/EBU).

However, the anti-5G army rightfully points out that non-ionising does not necessarily mean safe.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer did state that wireless radiation is possibly carcinogenic[ref]. However, it has been placed in Group 2B[ref] which is the same category as pickled vegetables and coffee[ref]. Examples like alcohol[ref] and processed meat[ref] are in Group 1 due to much stronger evidence. The American Cancer Society has cited various studies to conclude that cancer is not connected to cellular phone use or the towers[ref][ref].

Other lesser discussed health matters include decreased fertility in males, disrupted sleep, memory loss, headaches, and changes in vision. We will be looking at some of these as we go on.

Are There Any Reputable Studies Against 5G?


One of the most referenced studies was put forward by the National Toxicology Program (NTP) in 2018. The group blasted rats with radiofrequency radiation every day for nine hours over the course of two years, starting from in utero. The results showed that the radiated rats developed cancer whereas the controlled rats did not[ref]. The Ramazzini Institute in Italy performed a similar study and got the exact same results[ref].

Critics of the study have pointed out problems[ref][ref] with the findings. For example, only the males were affected, the tumours were minimal and cardiac-related, the radiation levels used were up to 75 times higher than our exposure limits, and that humans aren’t rats. Even more interesting, the radiated rats ended up living longer than the control group. Senior NTP scientist concluded “I wouldn’t change my behaviour based on these studies, and I haven’t”[ref].

A lesser-known study showed that 3G radiation caused DNA damage to the liver of a chick embryo[ref].

Far more worrisome is the plethora of studies that suggest non-ionising radiation may be causing DNA damage especially in male fertility[ref]. These are generally inconclusive while contrary studies also do exist[ref] but the concerns from all medical fields are overwhelming.

What’s the Deal with 5G and COVID-19?

There are plenty of theories but many revolve around the idea that 5G weakens the immune system and/or robs our blood of oxygen, leaving us more susceptible to the virus. Some believe that 5G directly causes COVID-19 while others have said that the corona outbreak is a cover-up for what’s actually a disease created and/or spread by 5G.

How we got here happened fast. As stated above, 5G opposers were already out in full force, picking the technologies apart for other health-related questions. When 5G’s rollout coincided with the pandemic, the guns were loaded.

Some of the leading individuals in the 5G/COVID-19 circle include John Kuhles (founder of the since-deleted Stop5G Facebook group), Thomas Cowan (a holistic medical practitioner who works with Medical Board of California, currently on unrelated disciplinary probation[ref]), Kris Van Kerckhoven (a Belgian general practitioner), and David Icke (arguably the most famous conspiracy theorist in the world). Different variations of their ideas were perpetuated by celebrity sharers such as Wiz Khalifa, M.I.A., Woody Harrelson, and John Cusack[ref].

The theories involving Bill Gates will be addressed in a separate article I will write in the coming weeks (maybe).

Is There Any Evidence to Support These COVID-19 Claims?

It’s flimsy but there is some.

A lot of it connects to the above health concerns, using the NTP study[ref] and IARC’s “possibly carcinogenic” Group 2B status[ref] as ammo. As we’ve already covered, there are problems in using either of these for they are not conclusive data.

In theory, the heat produced from radiation waves could lower the immune system but the studies have been unable to produce any concrete connection between 5G and immune responses. These are endless and easy to find[ref][ref][ref][ref]. There are far more severe and factual reasons behind an immune system drop, for example, losing sleep because you’re worried about 5G[ref].

The idea that 5G leads to deoxygenated blood appears to initially stem from the oxygen absorption properties of 60 GHz[ref]. This sounds scarier than it is, but simply means that oxygen absorbs 60 GHz waves, not the other way around. Oxygen slows the waves down, reducing the signal[ref]. As discussed before, 5G will mostly be operating around 39 GHz anyway[ref]. This has still led to other concerns of breathing in frequencies[ref].

The theory that 5G damages the blood’s binding of haemoglobin to oxygen often leads backwards to Joe Imbriano (owner of noted conspiracy theorist website The Fullerton Informer[ref]) and Mike Adams (owner of noted conspiracy theorist website Natural News[ref]). Science Feedback wrote a study specifically looking at Mike Adams’ claims and concluded his findings had no scientific support[ref]. However, a 2015 study did note that the electromagnetic radiation from display screens could affect the blood platelets’ oxygen metabolism[ref].

The notion that electromagnetic waves can carry or create a virus has been deemed “biologically impossible”[ref][ref] as genetic material and radio frequencies are two completely different things in almost every way. There is not a shred of contradictory evidence available on the topic.

Almost everyone (including most conspiracy theorists) accept the official verdict that COVID-19 is spread from person to person[ref].

But didn’t 5G and COVID-19 Originate in Wuhan at the Same Time?

Interestingly enough, 5G was first rolled out in China, going nationwide around September 2019 [ref]. Whether Wuhan was the first is unconfirmed (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Hangzhou are more widely reported as such) but it looks like this city was still an early receiver around August 2019[ref].

Coronavirus was first identified in Wuhan in December 2019[ref], four months later.

Opposers argue this is a coincidence. The spread of 5G and COVID-19 do not follow any similar patterns. With over 110,000 cases, Iran was one of the hardest-hit countries in the world[ref] and yet they were only looking at rolling out 5G in March 2020[ref]. Similarly, Japan were reporting COVID cases long before they launched 5G[ref] while India’s 5G process was delayed due to the disease[ref].

On the other side, South Korea has been one of the leaders in 5G deployment[ref] while their response and subsequent low Corona infection rate has been praised around the world[ref].

Why Are They Rolling Out 5G Worldwide While Everyone is Isolated?

This was always the schedule. 2020 was set to be the “year of 5G[ref]” long before the pandemic was declared. If anything, 5G has been delayed due to the outbreak[ref].

What Has Been the Public’s Response?

It varies but the more extreme reactions have been drastic and dangerous.

Telecommunications engineers are key workers who ensure our communication technology is running during this period when we need it the most. Some of these professionals have faced verbal abuse from the misinformed public. According to Philip Jansen, CEO of BT, one Openreach engineer was stabbed and hospitalised[ref].

Both Community Fibre and Openreach have issued statements begging people not to abuse their employees because neither company has anything to do with 5G installations[ref]. Openreach and EE have claimed a total of 85 incidents of threats and harassment as of April 2020[ref].

Even more troublesome are the reports of vandalism and arson. Reportedly, around 20 - 60 masts have been set on fire in the UK alone, with a further 11 in the Netherlands. Due to 5G’s slow rollout, most of the damaged equipment was 3G/4G related[ref][ref].

One fire in Huddersfield was an attack on a mast used by emergency services[ref].

Why Are Social Media Platforms Deleting Content?

See above.

Both Twitter and Facebook announced that they’d be deleting and banning posts encouraging mast attacks[ref]. YouTube began deleting COVID/5G content in direct response to the arson incidents[ref]. Facebook, Reddit, Google, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Twitter and YouTube issued a rare joint statement against misinformation, seeming to align their policies closer to that of the World Health Organisation [ref].

No video garnered greater attention than the London Live interview with David Icke. When asked about the burnings, Icke responded, “If 5G continues and reaches where they want to take it, human life as we know it is over... so people have to make a decision"[ref]. Due to pressure from the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH) and anti-antisemite groups, both his YouTube and Facebook accounts were ultimately deleted based on multiple offences[ref]. At the time of writing this, Icke’s Twitter page is still active[ref].

It’s worth noting that not all 5G conspiracy theories have been banned from these platforms and only COVD-19 appears to be under fire[ref].

The general response to these decisions has been mixed. Many applauded the efforts to reduce “fake news” and protect lives. Conversely, people for and against the conspiracy theories consider it a form of censorship and a chokehold on basic freedom of speech.

Does 5G Use the Same Frequency as a Military Weapon?


The Active Denial System (ADS) is a weapon developed by the U.S. military. It beams a direct hit of millimetre waves at 95 GHz, resulting in an intolerable burning sensation on the target's skin[ref].

As stated above, 5G is more than capable of 95 GHz and then some. It also works on millimetre waves, which is another difference between the frequencies used by 5G and 4G/below[ref].

The proposed reason to not fear this, is that towers emit the waves in all directions rather than concentrating on one spot.

Is 5G Going to be Used for Mind Control?


A lot of the theories related to this seem to be confused crossovers with the ADS weapon from above. However, one study[ref] did prove that alpha brain waves could be spiked with the use of a mobile phone.

Didn’t 5G Kill a Load of Birds?


According to Snopes[ref] the first instance of this story dates back to 2018. Here, anti-5G conspiracy theorist John Kuhles posted on Facebook that 297 birds dropped dead at The Hague park in the Netherlands due to 5G. The post went viral and the hoax has persisted, becoming the go-to narrative for the relatively common occurrence of mass-dying starlings (many dating back long before 5G was a conversation[ref][ref]).

Truthfully, there were a bunch of dying birds at The Hague in 2018 but The Antenne Bureau has denied any 5G was being tested at that time[ref]. According to Snopes again, Kuhles has since stated that his “...conclusions are assertions/conjecture with a QUESTION mark!”[ref]. Similar stories have met similar theories have met similar debunkings, such as incidents in England[ref] and Wales [ref].

What is the Science Community Saying?

The general consensus is that 5G is safe according to independent studies by various reputable organisations.

These include The International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection[ref], The Food and Drug Administration[ref], The World Health Organisation[ref], Public Health England[ref], and The American Cancer Society[ref] to name very few.

Like all good conspiracy theories, the difficulty runs deeper. The above sources are not considered trustworthy by 5G opponents, because these organisations are allegedly influenced by those with money and power.

Do All Scientists Agree?

Definitely not.

More than 372 scientists and medical doctors have signed an appeal begging the European Union to halt the 5G rollout until further health tests have been pursued.[ref]

253 scientists who specialise in electromagnetic force have also signed an appeal to the United Nations for a similar hold off on 5G development.[ref]

However, as it stands, I cannot locate a single reputable scientist or scientific organisation linking COVD-19 to 5G.

Have Any Cities Banned 5G?


Brussels[ref] in Belgium and several regions in Switzerland[ref] are currently blocking 5G due to radiation laws. Mill Valley, California voted to cease the development too[ref].

How Can I Prevent These High-Frequency Exposures?

You cannot. You’ve already been exposed.

According to various articles (such as those by Digital Trends[ref] and ZDNet[ref]), the same 5G frequencies are used by TV broadcasts, baby monitors, WiFi networks, garage door openers, and microwave ovens. 

It’s too late, you've been frying for years. I’m sorry.

Friday 1 May 2020

Unpopular Covid Theory

The governments around the world are consulting with their brightest minds and following their best judgements to make tough but important decisions for the survival of their people and their economy. However, in these unprecedented conditions, it's a struggle and no one is exactly sure what they are doing.

Different countries attempt different methods. Some happen upon more positive results while others make tragic mistakes. However, each nation learns from one another until, after some time, the numbers fall into manageable figures with minimal casualties and financial damage.

A cheap and very safe vaccination is discovered shortly afterwards, administered only to those of high risk and society slowly resumes to a functional pace. Except now everyone lives with a newfound appreciation for their freedom, their health, and the touch of their loved ones.

COVID-19 is documented as a turning point in history, a spiritual awakening of sorts, where the positive environmental changes of isolation are revered and maintained; where essential workers are highly praised and compensated accordingly; where wet markets and the entire meat industry are held accountable for their crimes against nature; and the humans finally have the undeniable evidence that our species is profoundly connected, the sickness of one now treated as the sickness of all.

In this fantasy, I end up living with a beautiful photographer in LA and we have a child who teaches us about life and love in a way we never understood before.