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The 20 Best Lyrics of 2016

The 20 Best Lyrics of 2016

"Give me your liver, and I'll give you my heart."

- Mr. Oizo, Your Liver
All Wet

"To a dog, dog food is just food."

- The Lonely Island, Incredible Thoughts
Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping

“I hope somebody comes into your house and pisses all over everything, and haphazardly, their piss is very flammable, and they light that bitch up and your house burns to the ground. I mean to dust (I do love you).”

- NxWorries, Fkku
Yes Lawd!

"Last night I took my birth control with rosé."

- Jenny Hval, The Plague
Blood Bitch

"Leftover breakfast, cereal for lunch. She's broken but she's fun. My girl eats mayonnaise from a jar while she's getting blazed.”

- Glass Animals, Season 2 Episode 3
How to Be A Human Being

"The phoenixes headed west, cross country, Nebraska, Nevada. The phoenix has to leave its nest but change is good for some, it is not good for others. First there were five, then there four. Leaf, he changed his colours, that's for sure. River was your favourite, his eyes were aqua, he's in our history now like Cleopatra. And you, my screen grab beauty queen, typing something out in green like we were seventeen. When we first met we read Bliss, soon we were too old for this. We thought that weight loss was survival. We thought that Vogue was French for Bible. Up on the wall, we put them all.”

- Emmy the Great, Phoenixes
Second Love

"Lindsay, I was talking with your father and, well, we think it's time that you moved out. The sense of entitlement is one thing, darling, but the truth is that life is too precious to be ruined. I grant you that living in this house isn't easy, at least after your grandparents died, things were pretty tense for a couple of months and then the summer reminded us to laugh."

- Future of the Left, Miner's Gruel
The Peace & Truce of Future of the Left

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex. Why? I made that bitch famous.”

- Kanye West, Famous
The Life of Pablo

"Of course this world would be better without you, this is true for almost everyone, or at least people like us. But you can't really martyr yourself when no one gives a fuck. Stop acting like a victim, stop conceding defeat, it's so tedious to watch someone you care for keep failing themselves. You've been dead twice before, but it didn't really change you. Someone's always there to save you and then help you clean up the mess. You're a mess. I like how you're ugly. Do I like you too much to really tell you what you're most needing to hear? Christ, you're such a sadness. Won't you be good to me? Won't you be fair? Won't you be sweet? Won't you always be there? I think you're just looking for a reason to go off the rails, start another bender to wound yourself, though it's never critical. You called me two weeks later to get some sort of closure so you wouldn't have to feel like such a pig, but I think you should feel that way because you are one. Maybe we both are. I know that someone else's pain is never interesting. Yeah, other people's suffering is so boring. But I hope you realise that I could never hate you. Look to survive in this world, you don't have to become a parasite. You don't have to be so mercenary, so cruel. I'm only just now learning this myself.”

- of Montreal, Def Pacts
Innocence Reaches

"Look up here, I'm in heaven."

- David Bowie, Lazarus

"I caught your eye on the back of the bus like you wanted. You wanna know why I don't come around anymore? Well, it's so fucking obvious. Can't stand you hanging round lately. Can't stand you trying to save me. It's so fucking frustrating. I'm bored of the games and bored of the chase. That's the reason I left in the first place. You keep trying to rip open old wounds, it's so embarrassing. Don't you know I'm over you? Now you wanna know where I've been lately. You wanna know if I'm still a prick? Well, I am. And you're not gonna change me. So you got another guy going with you? You say you like him, but he's got a bad attitude. Well, maybe he's perfect for you. And maybe he deserves less trouble than you gave him. Or maybe he deserves his face in the pavement."

- PUP, Old Wounds
The Dream Is Over

“Why’d I give a rat’s about your tribal tatts? You came here in a boat, you fucking cunt.”

- The Drones, Taman Shud
Feelin Kinda Free

"Nobody smiles at me, ‘cos I'm a black man.”

- Open Mike Eagle & Paul White, Smiling (Quirky Race Doc)
Hella Personal Film Festival

"Last Friday I took acid and mushrooms. I did not transcend. I felt like a walking piece of shit in a stupid looking jacket."

- Car Seat Headrest, (Joe Gets Kicked Out of School For Using)
Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn't a Problem)

Teens of Denial

“Showed up to Heathrow today for the 2000th time. Got in my taxi and I learned Nick Cave's son died. The news hit me like a bus into a hill ‘cos once at the K-west hotel, I met him and his son, they were standing across the hall. And I mentioned to him how we both played Hultsfred, 1997. I don't believe in God, but sometimes I hope there's Heaven. The bad news hurt to hear, and it hurts to repeat, it's just sad news and I'm sorry to even speak it. I was on my way home from Perth this past March, Virgin Airlines, row 23, and I watched 20,000 Days on Earth and it inspired me. I'm very much me, and Nick Cave is very much 'he', but we're the same in that we're both songwriters and we don't stop moving.”

- Jesu / Sun Kil Moon, Exodus
Jesu / Sun Kil Moon

“I will clip your wings whilst sleeping if you venture home again. And I will cut your legs from under you if you so much as say her name.”

- Emma Pollock, Clemency
In Search of Harperfield

"What happened to my medicine? The stuff I take to keep my hair. It's obvious you stole it and you sold it on the street ‘cos you don't even care if I lose my hair. Okay, I found my medicine. I'm sorry that I yelled at you. But let this be a lesson, if you ever steal my medicine that's what I'll do. I'll yell at you."

- Lemon Demon, As Your Father I Expressly Forbid It
Spirit Phone

“You smashed a glass into pieces, and that's around the time I left. And you were coming across as clever, then you lit the wrong end of your cigarette. You said 'I'm full of diseases', your eyes were full of regret, and then you took a picture of your salad and put it on the internet. And she said, ‘I've been so worried about you lately, you look shit and you smell a bit’. And you're mad thinking you could ever save me, not looking like that. You used to have a face straight out of a magazine, now you just look like anyone.”

- The 1975, A Change of Heart
I Like It When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

"They got a portrait by Van Gogh on the Wikipedia page for clinical depression. Well, it helps to describe it."

- Car Seat Headrest, Vincent
Teens of Denial

“I feel the cost of it pushing my body like I push my hands into pockets. And softly I walk and I see it, this is all we deserve. The wrongs of our past have resurfaced despite all we did to vanquish the traces. My very language is tainted with all that we stole to replace it with this. I am quiet, feeling the onset of riot. Riots are tiny though, systems are huge, traffic keeps moving, proving there’s nothing to do. ‘Cos it’s big business, baby, and its smile was hideous. Top down violence, a structural viciousness. Your kids are dosed up on medical sedatives, but don’t worry about that, man, worry about terrorists. The water level's rising! The water level's rising! The animals, the elephants, the polar bears are dying! Stop crying start buying, but what about the oil spill? Shhh, no one likes a party pooping spoilsport. Massacres, massacres, massacres, new shoes! Ghettoised children murdered in broad daylight by those employed to protect them. Live porn streamed to your pre-teen's bedrooms. Glass ceiling, no headroom. Half a generation live beneath the breadline, oh, but it's happy hour on the high street! Friday night at last, lads, my treat! All went fine till that kid got glassed in the last bar, place went nuts, you can ask our Lou, it was madness, road ran red, pure claret. And about them immigrants? I can't stand them. Mostly, I mind my own business, they’re only coming over here to get rich, it’s a sickness. England! England! Patriotism! And you wonder why kids want to die for religion? It goes: work all your life for a pittance, maybe you’ll make it to manager, pray for a raise, cross the beige days off on your beach babe calendar. The anarchists are desperate for something to smash. Scandalous pictures of fashionable rappers in glamorous magazines, who’s dating who? Politico cash in an envelope, caught sniffing lines off a prostitutes prosthetic tits. Now it's back to the House of Lords with slapped wrists. They abduct kids and fuck the heads of dead pigs, but him in a hoodie with a couple of spliffs, jail him, he’s the criminal. Jail him, he’s the criminal. It's the 'bored of it all' generation, the product of product placement and manipulation. Shoot 'em up, brutal, duty of care. Come on, new shoes, beautiful hair, bullshit saccharine ballads, and selfies, and selfies, and selfies. And here’s me outside the palace of me, construct a self and psychosis. Meanwhile the people were dead in their droves, and, no, nobody noticed. Well some of them noticed. You could tell by the emoji they posted.”

- Kate Tempest, Europe Is Lost
Let Them Eat Chaos

Article Within An Article: The 5 Stupidest Lyrics of 2016

“A grown up man dressed in white who I thought might just save your life. But he couldn't, so you died. I don't like it, now you're dead.” - The 1975, Nana (I Like It When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It)
“I could've been a hero, I could've been a zero, could've been all these things.” - Lissie, Hero (My Wild West)
"Grandma. I'm talkin' 'bout my grandma. Grandma. Grandma. Talkin' 'bout my grandma. Grandma." - A$AP Ferg, Grandma (Always Strive and Prosper)
“I'm a swagger man, rolling in my swagger van, from the People's Republic Of Swaggerstan.” - M.I.A, Freedun (AIM)
“I'm a, I'm a, I'm a cool girl. I'm a, I'm a cool girl. Ice cold, I roll my eyes at you, boy.” - Tove Lo, Cool Girl (Lady Wood)

This is the 100th Juice Nothing article! :D

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