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Lately I have been bitching and moaning a lot. My main whine has been focused on the fact that I seem to have hit some kind of a creative block with my face. The reasons behind this are debatable, but for dramatic effect (and probably the most likely scenario) I'll say it's because I have become way too comfortable in my own life. I am still residing in The East Village with good mates, so my home life is happy (more on this later). My room is even clean more often than not, which is unusual. My weekends are filled with a ton of social debauchery and antisocial activities, which somehow doesn’t negatively affect my 9-5 job. Speaking of my job itself, it is also going very well, thanks for asking. It’s my one year at Dennis Publishing in about 2 months which flew by crazy fast. My sex life is finally existent and regular after God knows how long - sometimes it even happens sober! I feel healthier than ever, and I look at myself in the mirror all the time just to make sure of it. These add up to a very happy and above-average existence indeed.

But my personal work is suffering, and I definitely attribute this to all of the above. It was a seriously sad realisation that perhaps I need drama and conflict in my day to day just to birth inspiration. I guess this applies to many artists and writers around the world, it’s just the twisted nature of productive minds. More than anything, I realised, is that I lack an enemy. The majority of my work (sorry to say) has been nothing more than a weapon designed to fight some person or another, my need to prove something to someone who deserves to be humiliated publicly. But since I have made peace or completely stopped giving a fuck about certain individuals, my creativity has hit a brick wall. Nothing could be more tragic for me as this is obviously the most important aspect of my life. So what could I do? I sat in my own misery feeling sorry for myself for a long time, pondering exactly what the solution to this problem would be short of purposefully messing my current content lifestyle around. And I think I worked it out.

I must stop bitching and moaning and get on with it.

With that in mind, this is where the Juices stand:

This is where the problem really lies. I kept trying to tackle Song3, and have never felt so frustrated in my life over writing a song. It was becoming forced, and even worse, has gone through so many changes that I have essentially written 5 different songs here, none of which make me happy enough. I did figure out the problem though, it was an epiphany that occurred deep within a K-hole where The Beatles told me that I was making music for the wrong reasons. I was trying so hard to make the most epically perfect song according to what I believed other people would want, and as a result, I sucked all natural vibes from the process. So on that note I am (a) starting a new song, the approach being to completely plagiarise other peoples works; and (b) not touching this project until 2011. I expect an October launch at best, and even though I know no one cares, it at least proves that I will not be releasing something shit. Trust me, it is so ambitious that you’ll quit drinking coffee.

Since last update, a new video for the Freewheelin' in Monument Valley fundraiser gig showed up. This came along with the chance to download said book by The Freewheelin’ Troubadour for FREE, with the simple trade of your email address. Which we think is fair enough. Other news is that Kris, Ammr and Ash have been working hard on the music video for The Yes Men - Future Calling, which can be previewed here.

You may have noticed that none of this has anything to do with me, so I intend to jump head first into the next project as deep as I can, and we have a ton of ideas ready to be worked on, some even expected before the end of year. I am toying with the idea of directing my first short too, and I have a cartoon idea which will probably be launched through this site if I have the time ever.

Finally, and probably the most influential news on The Plot, Jonathan Loose Agent 23 ran away to try and take over Austria again. We forgive him as he has promised to return after 6 months to get busy again, so while he will be missed greately, he has in no way lost the plot. This has made the vibe a bit different in The East Village, but Jon is known for disappearing for months at a time, so we all await eagerly for his return by keeping ourselves busy.

I am taking a break from Formspring for who-knows-how-long, max until next year. I just need a break, apologies to the 15 questions rotting in the Inbox, when I answer them they will come out in one massive load. Feel free to ask more, I will be back on it soon.

Ok, so this is where it’s all at motherfuckers.

By the time you read this, a new blog called 20 Hottest Girls Ever (according to me) will have been launched. It is definitely the most light-hearted joke kind of blog I’ve done for a while, and more than likely for a long time to come. Try keep your pants on, but enjoy it however you see fit.

The rest of 2010 will be focused solely on writing. I will have 2 more blogs up by the end of the month. Yes, you read it right, that’s 3 blog entries in 1 month.
The first will be launched around the 15th Dec, and will be my Top Music Albums from 2010. This has been very in-depth and stressful for me to write, I still have miles to go, but I promise it will be educational and something for me to be proud of.
The second will be the sequel to “Dear 2009”, fittingly called “Dear 2010”, which will summarize my entire year focusing on my projects, the year in music, celebrities and my personal life. The last blog like this got a lot of attention, and this one will be even better. Some nice closure to the year by anyone’s standards.

In January 2011, I have an extra fucking special blog planned. It will be the first of its kind with many more like it to come. I’m excited.

I am also writing something else which is super secret but will keep you posted on that. No, it’s not my autobiography which has also come to a halt for this year.

If I’m not back soon, have a fucking good Xmas and New Years guys, please don’t die. And don’t wait up for me either. Remember: keep your pretty eyes on my Twitter for the new blog announcements and anything Funpowder related.

Much Love!
Your Friend In Christ,

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